How do I reduce the size of my arms?

Erc Lia N.
You can try arm workouts on YouTube !! There’s some that don’t require equipment at all! I’ve been doing a toned arm work for almost a year now and it’s been going really good.
Maria N.
Chloe ting work out lean arms program is good! It’s only three weeks but it’s free and could really help. With proper diet and determination you’ll get there.
Stella U.
One of the most pervasive fitness myths is that you can target fat loss and get a leaner look for a particular part of your body. Unfortunately, that isn't true. Everyone's body is different and loses fat differently in places. THOUGH, what you can do is exercise regularly and most importantly, have a healthy and good nutrition by staying in a calorie deficit (look it up!). Not only will you lose fat and become leaner, but in the long run develop a healthy body and mind. Also remember to be patient! Fat loss does not happen overnight, or in a few weeks, its gonna take time and you have to be strong for it! But I promise you, it is gonna be so worth it!!! Good luck❤️