What exercise activities do you enjoy the most?

Flora S.
I really love running and going for jobs and work, well I dont really care what I'm doing, I only like doing it because I am outdoors in fresh air.
Ella N.
I love to swim, for me it provides me the opportunity to not have to think, and have a break from life’s crazy schedule! Another activity I find fun is skipping. I also love dancing!! 💖💖
Ted E.
I enjoy playing and doing sports, things like swimming and netball. But i also enjoy doing a bit of stretching and yoga as it makes me feel good.
Claire X.
I lie to say I enjoy “jumping around.” I like anything high intensity that isn’t complicated. My favorite workouts are ones you can do at home with just s chair and your own body weight. It makes me feel more in tune with my body.
Tania V.
A few quick sun salutations – youtube teaches them and they strech you.

Running somewhere green – in spring and autumm.

Getting into swimming too.

Erica E.
I enjoy the whole work out and not just one specific thing. That is just my opion. I thank you for the question have a good night.
Franz U.
I'm gonna plug my favorite youtube yoga instructor Ali Kamenova. I know people usually think of yoga as breathing and stretching but her vinyasa yoga classes are strength WORK. I like her videos because her beginner classes are incredibly easy to follow for people just getting into yoga, not too fast and she gives a lot of tips for the poses along the way. She also has more advanced sessions, and a few pilates classes as well.