Do walking or jogging count as exercising?

Cat N.
Yes, but I wouldn’t call it working out. Everyone has different levels that they’re at, if walking or jogging helps you sweat and is a challenge for you then yes it is exercising.
Filipp G.
yes, jogging or walking count as exercising, because you have to use your body muscles to move, which means it's a physical exercise.
Beauty V.
Yes, in my perspective they do count as exercising. Many days there isn’t enough time to do (full) workouts, but you can go for a 5-10 minute walk. That is not necessarily exercise but still is moving which is better than doing nothing. Walking or jogging is truly exercise if you do it more, like 20-30 minutes and consistently.
Victor E.
I think so. Though it’s light cardio, the calorie burn and blood flow will show in your body and mind. Just 30 minutes everyday can make you happier (from endorphins), less tight in your muscles, and stronger breath and spinal support.