What do you do when something prevents you from doing your usual exercise method/routine? I have asthma so I can’t run outside. I usually play Step Mania because it gets my heart rate going. But sometimes my tech doesn’t work. And I don’t really have the space to do Zumba or other aerobics. I’ve tried going to the gym, but it takes so much extra time to get ready and leave the house and etc. Difference between spending exactly 30 minutes vs 90 minutes with commuting and getting situated and etc. at the gym. I don’t want exercise to be something I dread doing. Does anyone have something fun they do at home for exercise?

William S.
Hiiii I usually work out from home so my to do workout is yoga or Chloe Ting, you can switch to de low intensity version first.
Anadir E.
Well I exercise at home so I do things that 1 I know I can do and won’t be hurting myself to do and 2 I do things like jumping jacks crunches squats … fun stuff
Holly J.
Hi there, for my exercise routine at home I have started to get into it gradually by doing a beginners workout with Joe Wicks on YouTube and I never ever give in as I make it part of my routine each morning. I also do some stretches in the morning when I first wake up as well. Hope this helps in some way

Best wishes,

Am Lie Y.
I bought a pair of dumbbells, some weights and a yoga mat. I could get a 4 square meter corner just for exercise. From that the possibilities are almost infinite! It takes almost 0 effort to start exercising.
Alla A.
Well,you can every day when you wake up to do a bit o strech,thats goana help.Second you can go for a walk în the forest.
Awesome Angel N.
I usually play a game when I exercise. A fun app I use is called Burn Your Fat With Me! And it works like a Japanese dating simulator. This young fit man helps you lose weight!
Krin O.
I am simply doing some yoga type stretches in bed. On Youtube yoga with Adrienne is good to give you some ideas, but if you've done some yoga before, just do what comes to mind and feels right. I find that it gets my breathing and heartrate going faster. Remember that any movement is better than no movement. If you want something more upbeat, why not dance your heart out for a few songs? You're short on space so either stand in one spot, sit down, or dance on your bed like you're in that movie 13 going on 30. Most important, don't listen to your own excuses and just do some moving. There, you're doing exercise. Enjoy 🙂
Debra U.
I can totally relate! I will advice you to try with calisthenics. Some street workouts at home will get you were you want to go.

Try some level 2 push ups, even just 5 or 10, some stands up (to begin) and some level 2 abs.

You can find some guidance online. There are a bunch of videos for starters, and for some of us it's way better than going to a gym. You can start at home amd then find a park near to your house.

Klaus G Nter Q.
Actually I'm trying to do as many chores as I can because you have to keep moving. If you're always inactive is much worse than even doing your chores. You can burn 80 calories per hour with just breathing so if you walk around the house a little or do your chores as I said before you do much better than just sitting around! And you can put off your workout for some other time 🤷‍♀️. You can even do random exercise through the day. Everything is better than giving up!
Ana P.
yoga for sure is my fav at home exercise! there are a lot of great free apps like daily yoga and dawn dog (my favourite). i also recommend doing the 30 day yoga by yoga with adriene (available for free on youtube). then maybe you can start searching for some cardio workouts at home, there are some good ones at youtube too
Bruna Z.
Hello! In the morning I don’t really like to do hard exercises, I’m not a morning person so in my case it’s really difficult and I don’t do the workout in my maximum capacity. Because of that, to exercise in the morning and wake up my body I prefer to put music and dance however it feels like in the moment. If you prefer there are some online classes on YouTube that have choreographies you can learn, and depending on how you dance and the time you spend doing it it can get sweaty hahah I hope that was helpful to you 🙂
September U.
I know you said you don’t have room for Zumba, so I don’t know if my answer is null, but I really like just dancing around my house or my room with my headphones on. I have a favorite playlist to listen to for it. It doesn’t need to look good, it just feels good to move around.
Maria T.
Jump on YouTube and look for Jessica Smith… She does 1 mile Express workouts you can do at home with limited space. I 💜 her so much when I dont have time to go to the gym.
Khushi C.
Well…. I also have asthma I cant run outside then I regularly go down to play or do some excrsice like fun kind I play badminton it's my hobby and If u want to do hand excersice fo drawing or wrote something it will help u be focused and be ur excersice will be also done and for whole body do hip hop dance so it will get power and excersice will also be done and take breaks too and drink water after 30 min…
Lilou O.
I love yoga, pilates, running (I know not possible for you), weight training with a YouTube trainer, and hiking or walking. I don't make myself feel guilty about which I choose, as long as I do one a day, even just for 20 mins or even 10. There's always a type of exercise that works, and it's just about trying many things with an open mind and finding what works for you. I have to say I hear a lot of excuses (even if valid) about what excercise you *cannot* do, but the key to finding something you like is curiosity. Dancing, barre, ballet, walking, weights, there's so much on tube so I suggest you try something like that. My suggestion is to not view exercise as something you have to do to be healthy, but try to think of what kind of activity you'd like to do, just for fun. Yoga running and dance are my faves. Good luck!
Iago Q.
I totally get it. For me too, it needs to be easy, convenient and less time consuming for me to go through with it every morning. I usually do pilates or yoga on a mat. I've got an app to tell me EXACTLY what to do every day, so I don't have to figure it out myself, and put my workout clothes and mat out the night before. If you're not into pilates or yoga, you could also go for a brisk walk outside or do other kinds of strength training at home without equipment
Mathilde F.
Try following the videos from dance dance revolution if your asthma allows it, they dont require much space about 2 square meters. Another one is yoga it dosnt look like a lot but it can be very challenging. Another option is hiit workouts, a lot of them require just a simple yoga thin yoga mat and an app on your phone or computer, they can be quick as well and usually don't require more space then needed for the mat.
Eleanor A.
Maybe You should search on YouTube for walk At-home exercises. It's enjoyable, and there is no need for space or special equipment, good luck & have fun!