How do you keep track of your progress?

Miguel F.
By fabolus, by some other apps like fitbit coach for daily workout, Mi Fit to track my body weight (I've bought the xiaomi weight balance), by excel etc
Fernando N.
I use multiple apps (including Fabulous) to keep track of everything… money, fitness, food, chores, plans, goals, etc.
Karen J.
I have so many apps and reminders set on my phone that they are hard to ignore! I also have a FitBit that tracks my movement during the day. Set reminders and make a note of your day, either in a diary or your phone.
Albus Q.
I use fabulous! I click the triangle on the top of the screen to see my golden triangle streak, and I click on the journey button at the bottom to see all my habit streaks.
Tracey E.
I have decided to keep a journal and write something in it EVERY day. Sometimes it may be 1 sentence other days it could be a couple of pages.
I will use it to keep track of my challenges and my progress with them.