How much water do I need to drink after exercise?

Aurore S.
Heyy! This honestly depends on how you’re feeling that day! If you have lots of motivation you’ll maybe exercise more and drink more water, but! If you’re not feeling like working out at all and water just seems disgusting, just try to go on a small walk! And drink as much water as possible! Remember anything is so much better than nothing! So remember if you don’t exercise as much on day or you feel like you didn’t do enough of something, remember! You did something AND THAT I think is something to celebrate. Now remember stay motivated my friend<33
Rene J.
Well it depends on your session. Was it an hard and intense session? Where the sun bright? Did you sweat a lot? Well then you need more water afterwards. If it was a lighter session where you didnt loose that much fluids, you dont need to drink as much. For the hard sessions i like to drink a bit while training, not too much though cause if youre, for example running you dont want your stomach to be full. Rigth after my session i like to drink maybe about 2-3 glasses of water. And then again after my shower i will have a mal and then also drink about 2-3 glasses of water with that meal. But again it all depends on your session. For my lighter session a total of 2 glasses can be enough.
Kylene P.
After exercise, you only need to drink as much water as you need to not feel thirsty anymore. This is a good opportunity to practice listening to your body, as with intuitive eating. You don’t have to stop and drink water all at once. I would carry a water bottle that can hold 32-64 oz so that I can sip water as I am walking out of a gym or getting ready for work if I am home after exercising.
Abem S.
I have found that having a nice big water bottle with about 64oz is more than enough for the whole day. I usually just carry around my water bottle everywhere and sip it during the day.

Tip: put a little bit of juice so you don’t get bored of the flavor.

Jordyn N.
Try to drink a few glasses of water 2 hours before exercise. But don’t gulp it down all at once gradually take little sips here and there.