How do i keep up my exercise if my work makes me tired already? (9am -7 pm)

Armand P.
Sleep more and accept that sometimes you have it harder than other people. Also think of exercise as a privilege, a lot of people would love to work out given the option but they just cant and you can. I used to workout at 10pm and just drink coffee as my pre workout. Kinda bad but it's better than nothing. Good luck! 👏👏

Mia J.
Do your workouts before work. Then it’s done when you come home and you can just relax. And it gives you a nice boost for your day. Happy moving! 🙂

Filippa C.
Exercise in the morning before work. This will give you a energy boost throughout your day, meaning you would feel less tired from work.

Sinara Q.
I know it seems counter intuitive, but a short exercise session like the seven minute ones recommended here will actually help you to feel more energized. It doesn't have to be much a short walk, take a flight of stairs 2 at a time, stretch, even if its sitting in a chair. The break will help your mind to refocus and knowing you did it, this one small thing, a task done.✔

Peer J.
I have found some time between 6:00-7:00 am works the best for me. Funny thing is that since I’ve started with small sessions, I have more energy and my workout sessions have increased. #WinWin

Byron N.
Workout in the morning. As you workout more and more your energy level will actually increase

Sheila C.
I can relate. Who wants to exercise after long days at work? After taking time to relax, I would do a 10 minute workout or walk about three days per week. I keep the routine simple and add another 10 after a month. It wasn’t easy but it worked because I slowly became stronger and did feel as tired anymore.

Erhard O.
Make sure to exercise before work! It gives you energy and getting fitter will help you get through the day more easily.

Marius N.
You can exercise before 9AM. The main point is that you have to think about why you're exercising, and what you'll gain from it. Not just losing weight but also that this is a time for reflection and relaxation from work. I know that sounds ironic, but exercising allows me a break from my hectic schedule, so I look forward to it. Finally, your exercise is set by yourself. You don't have to run a marathon every day, or do something extreme like that. Just start small, and if you get off track, just accept it and make a note and genuine effort to restart. Never beat yourself up for not working out, because it adds a lot more stress.

Morgane Q.
YouTube has a ton of 8 minute exercises that you can do in the morning. If not Joh to the bus/train. Speed walk to your office or take the stairs instead of the elevator in the morning. It's all about perspective. You are doing this for you and only you. Are you ready to commit to yourself is the only question you should ask yourself.

Lorenzo N.
I do a small work out in the morning as the 4th item in my routine (drink water, make bed, feed cat, exercise). it's not a big work out, I just do some reps with a tension band, and it usually takes less than 8 minutes. I think the important part is it gets me breathing and improves circulation. the value is less about getting in shape and more about getting myself going in the morning when I feel like a zombie. maybe a small work out, even just stretching, when you feel tired can help keep you going.

Jason T.
Make sure you get plenty of rest, so your body is happy and healthy. Then, find a consistent time when you can exercise, e.g. first thing in the morning. Keep to that consistent time and it won't even be a chore after awhile.

D Ria A.
You can work out before work or turn music on when you’re getting ready and dance or if your ride public transit to work get off a stop before yours and walk or park your car a block or a little bit more away from work Sotheby’s you walk a bit. It doesn’t have to be any type of big workout, just a tiny bit of exercise

Nena P.
La verdad con esfuerzo y dedicación, ni por más cansado que se esté toca desistir, perseverar hasta el final, en algún otro momento se podrá descansar

Loiva Z.
During lunch, incorporate exercising (M,T,W,T,F) by choosing one area to work on per day of the work week. 45 minutes is the threshold to achieve results that are quality based.

Aurore E.
Some exercise is better than no exercise. So I would suggest that when you get home (or another convenient time) that you do a 7 min workout. If your job keeps you on your feet and moving maybe that is your exercise. Best of luck!

Rejane T.
What has worked for me in the past is to always make the effort to wake up earlier and get the workout and good breakfast in early in the day. After work workouts never have worked for me, life too easily gets in the way. Your energy will improve with this habit, so don’t concern yourself too much with your current energy levels. Good luck!

Julie H.
having to work at 9 a.m. gives you time to exercise before you go to work. if I don't do that then I'm too exhausted at the end of the day. If you have kids, you can get up and do something at home or hit the gym. if you don't, then you can either exercise at home or stop somewhere on your way to work. I work full-time and have two kids. I used to work out on my way to my job when my kids were at the same school and I had someone else take them. now they are a different schools I either have to work out early and come back home, orchid even more creative. like joining the gym where my son takes rock climbing classes and working out while he's in his class. YMCA is an excellent option because you can work out there while your kids are taking classes or if you bring them with you they have childcare. Best of luck!

Same Y.
I have long scheduled during the weekdays, and I find either doing it first or going to the gym right after work (without going home or elsewhere first) the easiest way to make sure it gets done. Usually once I get to the gym I am fine, but sometimes I literally have to go through the workout one step at a time and constantly remind myself what my goals are.

Rachel U.
Do it before going to work. It will be hard at first but get up early and work out. I have less excuses in the morning than in the evening after being drained by work.

Galina X.
Do some exercise that you love doing. If you like to dance then dance. If you like to swim or run then do those. The goal is to move and make your body work out hard. You can do it first thing in the morning. If you cannot, break it down and do a few minutes through the day. You can do 10 minutes in the morning, 10 at noon and ten in the afternoon when you feel that afternoon tired feeling. Or maybe you take a run when going home or walk or maybe ride a bike on the way home. You exercise while avoiding the stress of traffic.

Alberte Y.
Maybe try to wake up even 10 minutes earlier everyday to do very light exercises before you go in, and if you feel up to it after your shift then continue, but otherwise I’d say you should save the more intensive workouts for your days off. If your job is physically taxing then I wouldn’t stress too much about being tired from it there’s not much you can do there, but if it’s mostly mental fatigue then any sort of exercise will help to reverse that as soon as you start.

Reginald C.
There’s a motivational movement around “eat your frog”. The idea is that is there’s something you dread doing (like eating the poor frog), the more you put it off, the harder it is to do, if at all. But if you start your day by eating the frog, you’re “done” for the day, and everything else feels better/easier/more successful. Setting an alarm to wake up even earlier to exercise before work sounds brutal, and will be for the first few days/weeks, I won’t lie. But keep your workouts light in the beginning; that’s your “reward” for getting into the daily habit of exercising before work. When the daily habit becomes more of your usual routine, you can slowly increase the intensity.

Tommy T.
If your job is more physical, it is already your exercise. A recent study showed that telling hotel housekeepers to think of their work as exercise actually seemed to improve their overall health and mindset. If your job is more emotionally exhausting, try working out with dynamic stretching.

Grace P.
Well, that is a challenge.
I recommend exercising with a friend. A walk, perhaps? In the evening?
If are coming home with a family waiting for you then I would include family in any activity…if possible. No? Then how about investing in a treadmill?
Might work.
Or, if you can join a gym and go before work. Or, exercise at lunch, with a friend.

Oxana E.
By using the Wim Hof method, I made my body want to exercise and I can control my body energy levels