What sort of exercises do you recommend?

N Ris Q.
I prefer exercises for flexibility. I start my day with a stretch of 20 minutes just to make sure my body is awake. Later the day a ballet, yoga or pilates class. I try to run as well because i need the stamina but im not very good at it.
Perry E.
I don't like high intensity workouts…just not my thing. I tend to enjoy walking for cardio, strength training at home with free weights and training videos, and yoga. I particularly like Yin yoga as I'm not flexible and yin yoga really helps with that. Also, yin yoga really focuses on stillness and focusing on the present and that helps with stress and anxiety.
Jeanette S.
If You want only to maintain your body healthy and fit, but You don't have tine, than cardio is the best choice . You can run in the evening , or use a stepper, If You don't have time for gym
Freddy H.
I always go for a 30 minutes walk and I also try to do a workout at home. It might be yoga, a HIIT session or even a flexibility and stretching session. The internet is full of free workouts. Try as many as you can and you will definently find one that suits you.
Lana X.
I reccomend excersises that you personally like. Of course, it's still excersising, but it's more fun when you don't hate what you do. There are so many options. Because I don't want to spend money on the gym, I tried excersises you can do at home. Pick easy ones to begin with and don't do too much at once. I like to do an intensive 12 minute training every day where you work on the strength of every muscle in your body.
Clarinda Z.
I mostly focus on abs and legs exercises,like planks,side planks,squats. You can find many workouts on the internet. Especially on Pinterest,but also u can download apps to help you even more.
Ivona M.
Every week I find new exercises on youtube with some motivation speech, as "ye, you doing great" or " how was your sleep, have you alreday planed you day and timeline". Conversation even if its not dirrect is better that simple collection of tasks.
Jade J.
In the morning I usually stick to something low intensity like yoga or a gentle routine to start the day. You can always do something high intensity later on 🙂
Luisa P.
Running for 20 mins outside if you can, or some Joe wicks exercises indoors or in the garden. Follow it with some nice yoga… yoga with adrienne on YouTube is fab and all of this is FREE!
Milton F.
About exercises I really like exercises that gives good posture and increases my height it really gives me confident 😇😇😇🤗🤗
Gotthold O.
I personally like doing a full body work out as it has a variety of exercises within it. I will typically do 20 mins full body work out (usually off youtube so I have someone to encourage me) & then 10-15mins of yoga for a cool down.
Fanny T.
One that resonates with upi. Because there ste different types of exercise but you have to find one that you enjoy and can comit to
Donald G.
I am disabled and can't balance very well so exercise is very difficult for me. I sit on my settee and put some sort of exercise video on the tv that's specifically for sit down exercises. Also dancing is a great way of getting exercise. Now I fall over a lot so I put the settee and chairs around me to fall on and off I go! By no means am I a professional dancer but anything will do! To exercise my legs I stand at the bottom of the stairs, I hold on to the bannister and I go up and down a couple of steps, multiple times. At the moment, all exercise has to be indoors so anyone could do these exercises, disabled or not. 😃
Sarah Z.
Personally I like HIIT workouts because they don't take long out of your day. I do things like planks and push ups, crunches, lunges etc. It might be a 10-30 min work out but the goal is to get in as many reps as possible in the time you've chosen. I usually do 30 sec each exercise then make my way up to 1 min, 2 mins etc.