What exercise to you perform when you first awake?

Selma E.
I don’t have one particular exercise I do every morning. When I have time in the morning I usually go for a run. Otherwise I do a quick HIIT Training or just stretching when I’m in a hurry.
Morgan U.
I have been starting super small with the Make Me Fabulous 1 min Just Get Moving. My goal is to eventually transition to a 15 min morning stretch, but since I know I am prone to try to skip this when I am running late, I never have an excuse to skip a 1 minute routine.
Math O Z.
I do breathing exercises. There 3 types that I do. It helps me to energise and keep my mind calm. After which entering into meditation becomes easier.
Eugen Z.
I go to the gym every morning after eating a healthy breakfast. Although I am aware it is easier to let go of such a time-consuming exercise, I already had this habit. I simply maintained it. Still, having my gym clothes ready in the nighttime has made things a lot faster and simpler in the morning, so thank you guys for the tip.
Robyn Y.
I take my dog for a walk! Before I got him I did 10 pushups 10 squats 10 sit up and 1 minute kneeling plank and 1 minute kneeling side planks or a quick walk around the block.