What kind of exercise do you focus on and why?

Charlotte C.
I focus on walking because it’s simple and easy to build into your routine. It’s easy to find 5 minutes to go for a quick walk outside where you live or work, and often you find it’s so easy and you enjoy it, so you end up going for a longer walk. Little and regular is better than nothing.
Elaine M.
I normally focus on running. I like/do running because of the sensations of it(the breeze, the sun, the rain, the acceleration, the warm feeling afterwards, and even sore legs).
Julian E.
I do a lot of lifting,bench press,dumbell curls because I love being in good shape. It became part of my life. I am exited to go gym,I feel great after an intense work out and energised throughout the day.
Gena C.
I like dancing .

I prefer this because I can easily incorporate it into anything I'm doing.

Dance whilst doing dishes,
Dance whilst making my breakfast,
Dance whilst brushing,
Even when showering.

Hannah T.
I focus on abs and arms and other things too! I am in karate so it's important for me to build muscle and to really focus on what I'm doing and make sure I'm learning but also growing. I also need to focus on myself and gain confidence!
Olavo Z.
Since I'm only starting to feel better about my body, I'm mostly focusing on cardio: running, cycling,… if i don't have time or space to do long distance exercises I stay in my room and try some small workout sessions. Some days I feel like walking up the stairs is enough 🙂
Holl N.
this is usually a personal preference, but I love k-pop dance workouts! if you like dancing or want to give it a try, then I recommend a YouTube channel called sunny funny fitness! it really depends on you, though. 🙂
Dioclene Q.
Depending on the energy left for the day or motivation for type of change i need … i go for it without overdoing any of the kind. Mainly its a mixture of stretching and cardio.
L Rke Z.
I try not to focus on any one type of exercise. I don’t count reps. I don’t want to set goals for myself that I will feel bad about not accomplishing. So I focus on just doing something physical for my body every day. Some days that’s 5 miles on a bike, some days it’s yoga and stretching, some days it’s walking, others it’s weightlifting, or some combination. Some days it’s at the gym and others it’s not. I try to listen to what my body and mind need on any given day. And some days, you need to rest!