Run with or without music? Why?

Rajit F.
I recently have started to prefer music, because it genuinely works well as a bit of a distraction from the pain, and a bit of relief from the boredom it sometimes entails. And a hard baseline at a certain bpm can always remind you to run at a certain tempo, which helps to keep the running pace from flagging as the run goes on. Then again, in the past, I used to run without music, and it's a different sensation. You can focus entirely on your body and how it feels, on the world around you, and that can be quite refreshing too. So I'd say run with music for speed and motivation, but run without once in a while for the experience.
Scarlett S.
Always with music, or if I fancy more that day, with a podcast. Running for me gives me some time to reflect and enjoy the environment. Also happens (to me) that if I focus too much on the time, on how I feel physically, etc., I end up bored or tired earlier. With something to listen to, time passes faster and I can train for longer.
Alex Q.
I think it's better to run with music because you can run with the rythm of the music and that helps you continue and not giving up.
Gustav C.
Running with music helps to pass the time as well as add some form of enjoyment to something you would consider at times an obligation to some sort of goal as well as it makes your day a bit better listening to something that brings you joy and relaxation.