What helps you stay consistent?

Garance E.
Whenever I'm doing a challenge with myself, I'll ask a friend or family member to do it with me. This way we hold each other accountable! ☺️

Laila T.
I put up sticky notes for the first few days to remind me about the habits . But after that I start remembering myself. I’m also always constantly opening the fabulous app the first thing I wake up

Axel F.
Self care and self esteem is the key. If you care about yourself you will be more consistent. Don’t beat yourself up if some days are harder – just accept that this is how it is today. Start tomorrow as a fresh day to take care of yourself.

Nolan S.
I think what's makes me consistent is the fsft they you have friends that help you all the time. Sometimes I'm not ok and I just want to give up and stay slepping or watching Netflix, but my friends come and say: common, let's get out! Let do some exercise and these kind of things. So I think that when you have great people around you, you probably are going to be more consistent

Ehrentraud A.
This is the big question! I find fabulous itself is a huge tool for staying consistent. I also try to have an attitude of curiosity rather than beating myself up when I’m not consistent. To notice what happened and then try again.

Tammy Y.
Reflecting on your actions and noticing when I’m not. And if I even feel/want to be inconsistent that is fine but i admit it to myself. it helps in a non stressful manner to gain control.

Cl A O.
First is purpose. What is my/your purpose in doing this? Me, I want to take charge of my health. And I also want a better life. We have heard it being said: if you keep doing what you are doing, you will get the same results. I want something better. I want to improve. So I want to start and develop new good healthy habits.
Next is mindset. We must make a decision. It starts with the mind. The mind is powerful. We must be transformed with ththe renewing of our mind as the apostle Paul said. No matter what we do, it is our every day decision that will dictate what happens. We must actively choose. We choose our destiny. Motion before emotion. We must not base our actions on what we feel, but on what must be done.
Then as Nike says: just do it. 😉

Ella A.
Planning and keeping focus. If I feel in control and aware then it is easy to stay consistant. If I get distracted then I lose my focus and get caught up with insignificant details. Try to set aside time to do the things you need to do, rather than rushing and not giving yourself the attention you deserve.

Andrea A.
I think for me it’s about challenging myself so I try to look at the app like a game. Something to complete to get my reward. I also find that if I do something often enough it becomes second nature so I don’t even have to really put effort into it. You have the strength and power to do this so just keep yourself focused. If you miss a day just get back to it the next day. I’m far from perfect but I was born perfect and exactly who I’m suppose to be. You got this!

Clara G.
Having someone do things with me. I have a running partner and somehow when i run with my partner I don’t want to stop running. When I’m alone I sometimes lose the motivation to carry on. Having a support network and someone with a similar goal makes a big difference and helps keep me accountable.

Fern O Q.
I always stay focused at my plans. Motivation for change also being pushed to the furthest by the help of fabolous team.

Same O.
1) Reminders of this app 2) wish to be slim and loved by my husband 3) wish to be healthy and do more during the day 4) my flexible working hours 5) wish to live longer life

Nora E.
I focus on one main goal at the time and make sure to keep to it. I try my best with the other goals but leave those in second place.

Raymond Y.
I struggle, to be honest I keep falling to the wayside with many of my habits but I am trying to see every tiny sucess as a sucess so every things I know I do every day like eating breakfast I still keep as a habit so I can tick it of, and I have become more particular about what I class as a good breakfast so even though I eat breakfast every day I only permit myself to tick it when it's generally a healthy one

Claudemiro F.
Routine, is important to me. I function best when things are well ordered and I have slept well. When I am tired or things are difficult I tend to stray from my intentions.

Ga Tan Z.
Staying consistent is a practice in itself. The trick is to start again every time you fall off the wagon. Your time off will get less and less and your consistent time will continually increase as long as you keep trying again. When I started exercising, I would do well for a month or two then be off for six months. I kept starting over and my consistency increased every time. Now I exercise 6/7 days a week with only occasional breaks.

Emile Y.
What helps me stay consistent in my daily routines is being conscious of my emotions and how I feel while I’m doing it. For example every morning I start my day by drinking water. Whenever I drink water I feel more energized throughout my day so when I drink water I always associate it with feeling good. In the future when you feel like it’s getting hard to keep up a good habit connect the action will a good emotion or experience.

Josefa Z.
Praise is the answer the more I’m encouraged to do something the lightly I am to stay consistent. Why well it makes me feel good!

Amalie F.
That is the million dollar question! Right now I’m trying to not skip a day of logging onto my Fabulous app. Also, try to create a positive emotion around the new habits you are working on and remember today is the first day of the rest of your life!

Sander E.
A good mood really helps to stay consistent. We really want to change some aspects in our life only if we are fueled with willpower. And at bad times we often lose will and we lose our ways too. And how to get yourself in a good mood is meditation. Meditation does not mean thinking yourself to drown. But to say to yourself that your amazing. And your life will just turn great

Tobias Z.
Well I don't really know what! But I know that I want to become a better person and that helps me and motivates me. Think about what you want to achieve whenever you feel down and unable to go foward! Imagine yourself after achieving your goal! The happiness, the excitement! Just thinking that way is enough to continue and achieve whaterver you want to! Just stay positive! Don't tell yourself I can't do it and other negativ thoughts!
I can do it! I will do it! That's motivation!