How does music affect your exercising?

Meyssoun X.
As music has a great influence on me, I like listening to soft music before my yoga session and to happy music while I shower so I dance while preparing myself for a new day. It puts me in a good mood.
Grace O.
I love music so I guess I can exercise more when I do lestion to music while working out! I suggest you do or lestion to what you like!
Heather P.
Music during exercise can be that extra bit of motivation that you need to push through another 3 minutes. It can also be meditative. Classical piano music is excellent for when you hit your stride and get in the zone. Seriously. Next time you go running and you hit that moment when everything just seems clear, try switching your music to Chopin’s piano concertos. Your workout will transcend to a study of mindfulness in motion!
Sophie O.
Music is a huge motivator for me when exercising. I use different songs for different kinds of workouts and they help me to endure them without getting bored or wanting to give up.