How long have you stuck to this habit already? For me it’s two weeks. I find it quite difficult to sustain.

Lane T.
How to sustain your habits is fo usually stick to a schedule because routine gets you more into your habits and make them natural to you so it doesn’t feel awkward or to over baring just make sure to adjust to yourself and start simple if you have to
Lisa W.
I will be honest with you at the beginning it was really hard for me to stick to this habit routine but then I keep pushing myself and once I stopped I realize how different I felt. I believe that the trick is to be mindful how a change impacts our day
Caylan W.
i like to take it slow. try not to add too much to a habit and make it easy to achieve. i also like to make it a habit that can be done throughout the day so i don’t feel pressured to finish it at a certain time.
Hansa N.
for me its been a week. but ill say, you need to keep going! good habits are often the most difficult and bad habits are so easy to follow 🙁 but good habits will give you long term happiness while bad habits will only give you short term happiness. have you ever thought "i wish i started doing this before so it wouldnt bother me rn"? dont let that happen again! make things easier for your future self and be strong i promise its all worth it <3