I struggle with waking up up at 6 in morning. How can I create a habit?

Chrstyn Q.
Remind yourself that those extra few minutes will make you feel worse not better. So you are better off working towards going to bed earlier.
Natalie Y.
Make it as easy and seamless for yourself as possible! Put out your clothes the night before and have your breakfast ready or planned ahead. Get an accountability buddy who has the same goal. Set up a nighttime ritual (ex. In bed by 9:30, lights out by 10). Put away your phone for the last hour before you go to sleep. Reading helps me become relaxed and ease into sleep in a calm state. You’ve got this!
Pankhuri F.
Usually if this is a problem, you need to prepare yourself the night before. As it is, scientists have found that when we give ourselves suggestions the night before, we usually wake up with those suggestions. So, if you suggest before sleeping that you will wake up at 6 and that you will be refreshed then it will work. Since our autosuggestion is usually that "I am sleeping so late, again I won't be able to wake up early. " And that is why we feel like that even if we get the hours of sleep that we need. I hope it helps. And I am so happy that you are taking steps to wake up earlier. I am inspired to take it too nowww.
Ella P.
Search deep sleep cycles, each sleep cycle has duration 90min, what makes you less prone to get up due to tireness is waking up during a deep sleep cycle. Lets say for example you go to sleep at midnight, ideally your waking hours are 1:30, 3:00, 4:30, 6:00, 7:30, 9:00.. now just either choose sleeping 7:30 hours or 9 hours… I personally want to wake up at 6:30, so i go to sleep at 23:00, so i can get 7:30 hours of sleep… The best thing to do is give it a try
Pau N.
My reason to wake up at that time is because I have a yoga challenge everyday and that make me stick to it, I love the word Challenge and most of the things that I do are moved by that, maybe you can try by challenging yourself to get up at that time and give yourself a prize when you do it like your favorite breakfast or desert
Stacey X.
hi!! sorry i really don’t know how to help you because i struggle a lot with that too. i recommend u to go to bed really early!! good luck 😉
Petra C.
Create a relaxing bedtime routine and ensure you go to bed at the same time each night, lights out 8 hours before you need to wake up
Ellen O.
Set an alarm 5 minutes before 6 o’clock so it gives you time to really wake up properly before you get out of bed, don’t snooze the alarm and slowly set the alarm closer to 6 as the days go on.
Mariano N.
Currently I’m having the same issue. Actually today I’ve been walking back from 7 to 6. Today I woke up at 6:45, planning to try 6:30 tomorrow. Try dialing it back bit by bit so that you can work your way there habit wise. Also try to get some good sleep! Best of luck!
Phoebe J.
Setting multiple alarms may help. An open window can as well tell the change from night to day. Programming your coffee machine to make a cup can also awaken you by the smell.
Olinto Q.
I have a few ideas. One, make sure you are getting to bed at a good time so you are getting enough sleep. Second, if you can have something you are looking forward to provide the motivation to get up to do a favorite thing. (I will get up early if I know I'm going on a fun road trip) If you can, have a favorite song play as your alarm in the morning. All this said, I am a morning person and getting up in the morning is easy for me. Well, until winter hits and my seasonal effective disorder kicks in. To help with that this year I invested in an alarm clock that mimicks the rising sun so I wake up to a room full of light instead of a dark room. It has helped.
Math O Y.
What time do you go to bed? Try going to bed a bit earlier. When your alarm goes off, remind yourself why you are waking up at 6am get out of bed immediately and start your routine. Do it everyday until you've conquered it.
Alexandra F.
I use to wake up for school before lockdown at 6 in the morning and I did struggle but I think the best thing to do is go to sleep early and then have an alarm on at 6 to wake up and then have am alarm on for 5 past 6 that you to know that you have to be dressed by then and so on with your routine
Iwona X.
You must find the why? Why is it important to get up at 6? What do you miss because you didn't get up at 6. What are you giving up thst you really want by getting up at 6?
Jacque F.
I have to be up to get ready to commute to teach in a neighboring town. I set my alarm 15 minutes early to make sure I get up. Since Fabulous, that is when I hydrate and get a walk in before the routine of work day begins!
Jordan C.
What helps me is sitting up in my bed as soon as the alarm rings (I put on an intelligent clock so it wakes me up between 5.45 and 6.15 when I'm in a light sleep phase) and switching on the light. I also put a podcast to help me wake up. I know that I need 8 hours sleep so it's very important for me to go to sleep early (between 10 and 11pm) so I can feel rested and manage to wake up more easily. I hope that I could help you a little bit 🙂
Catherine Y.
Start with waking up 15 mins earlier to your previously wake up time. And after thats mastered then try another 15 mins earlier. And like wise practice this untill you reach your target wakeup time. Remember, donot go to the next step before fully getting used to the previous time slot. Practice is the key.
Maria X.
The best way is to go to bed earlier, like 10pm. Turn off phone, gadgets, TV, with a very little light, camomile tea and lavender scent. Having 8 hours to sleep allows me to wake up early and feel good
Silviana I.
I'm actually not sure how to create a sleeping habit that would benefit everyone. I would say practice going to sleep earlier. You'll have to compromise. Go to sleep at 11 at the latest, 9 at the earliest depending on the amount of hours you need to be rested. And when your body naturally wakes up, try to get out of bed! Forgo the snooze button. This habit is something you may have to do every night and day. Also have a routine for the morning!
Ellie J.
Hmm, what I would do is…
1. Go to bed earlier, I wouldn't go to sleep at one in the morning if I new I had to get up early.
2. Set your alarm clock, or phone, across your room so you have to get up.
3. Make your bed RIGHT away, I do this, and it definitely keeps me from crawling back in bed.
Evamaria Q.
First of all, try going to sleep a little bit earlier. And don’t try to change your habits overnight, try waking up earlier and earlier every day until you reach 6 am!
Brittany X.
I did have this problem as well…but I managed to change it by waking up everyday the same timing even on weekends..so try it
Ashi F.
Well I'll tell you a trick that works for me, I cannot assure if it'll help you but I hope it does. When I keep the alarm I keep two alarms, one for the exact time I wish to wake up and one 15 minutes before that time. So when the first alarm goes off, I know that I'll have to wake up in 15 minutes but I also feel good that I've got 15 extra minutes to sleep and hence when the second alarm goes off I feel satisfied and hence jump out of bed. So in that way, the lazy me as well as the productive me wins the game. Some days could be harder but you got to push yourself to it 'cause the difficult part is just to get out and once that's done, you're good for the day. Another thing that helps me is that the night before going to bed I think of the calming and soothing morning routine I'll be having and that's the first thought that comes to my head when the first alarm goes off. Apart from all these the most important thing is to get 7-8 hours of sleep so if you want to wake up by 6:00, you must sleep by 10:00-11:00 p.m.

P.S. Idk if my technique is backed up by science or not but just something that works for me to get up rather than just wake up!

Letitia Z.
My alarm is not right next to my bed; it is across the room. I have to physically get out of bed to turn it off. Once I am out of bed, it is easier to stay out. The way I trained myself to wake up at 6:30 was to set an alarm for a half an hour earlier than my normal wake up time. Then each night after that I would set it a half hour earlier than I had previously. It eases your body into the change. Even 10 minutes earlier each day would work. I also have an annoying alarm that forces me to turn it off, but while it works well for me, it may or may not work for you.
Christa Maria Z.
Start waking up at your regular time. And then every few days push back your clock by five or 10 minutes. And then in a couple of weeks you will have worked your way up to 6 AM. It’s also good idea to have your workout clothes right there or go do whatever you need to do right away so you don’t get back in bed.
Reymond O.
Consistency is the key to creating any habit. Stick to waking up early even when you have nothing important to do, and find something you can look forward to. I think of making a cup of coffee as soon as I open my eyes and it helps me not want to go back to sleep.
Waking up multiple times in the night and going back to sleep makes it more difficult to get up, so minimize that as much as possible. "5 more minutes" will be twice as hard to wake up from.
M U.
I do too:)
But to be honest, I move to Canada a year ago with so many goals in mind. I have to wake up early to pursue my goals. I have to make money and pursue my passion as well.
My working shifts are 7-3:15 and then I have a whole day for my interests.
I’m not a morning person but my goals help me do that.
Julie A.
give yourself at least 8 hours of sleep and don’t snooze your alarm! get up and go to sleep at the same times everyday and it’ll become a habit
Katrina U.
One of the things that has really helped me is to put my phone on “Do Not Disturb” by a certain time and have it out of reach. It’s a signal to myself that it’s time to go to bed. Depending on how many hours of sleep you need to be able to function well throughout the day, find the best bedtime for you. Set your alarm accordingly to be able to wake up by your desired time. I have an alarm at 5:30, 5:45, and then 6:00. I take some time to fully wake up which is why I give myself ample time to get out of bed by 6, which is why I include the alarms I know I’ll snooze through.