What kind of exercise do you do in the morning? What is the most efficient?

Charlie T.
Walking is definitely my favorite way to exercise in the morning, or throughout the day. I get time to myself, time to think, and time to enjoy nature.
Clara Z.
I am focusing on short durations that allow me to feel good about myself but still get to work on time. I do the 7-minute workout on Fabulous, a 15-minute or less workout on FitOn, or a 15-minute or less video from Leslie Sansone.
Jorge F.
I always like to exercise in the morning, no matter what kind of exercise. If it's 1h or more, I will do it 2h after breakfast. Less than 1h I do it with an empty stomach.
Angela A.
For me, I like to do light workouts or go for a long walk. I find that they’re relatively light for the morning but they still energise me for the day. Sometimes I prefer to just dance for 10 minutes because i think it’s a really fun way to start your day
Saken Q.
Stretching exercises:
Cat cow pose, Cobra pose, downward facing dog, deep sit, twists, hands up in the sitting position and bridge
V Jas O.
I do the core ab workout from Fabulous for 4 minutes and then 2 sets of 10 pushups and some ab exercises for another 4 minutes as my warmup.
Subsequently I take a 2 minute break and exercise for 10 minutes by doing 1:2 ratio exercises. For every 1 arm exercise I do 2 ab exercises. And then I cool down with the sun salutations yoga for 4 minutes.