I cannot seem to halt my active mind long enough to fully meditate. What are some ways to meditate that are not so Buddhist nor new age and instead more practical or current?

Mario R.
Meditation is not halting your mind, or thinking of nothing. That is called sleeping. If you want to effectively meditate, keep your mind from wandering, focus on inhaling and exhaling. Or start counting. Remember, you're trying to gain focus with meditation.

Hans Willi X.
Try reading the book "The Power of Now." It's all about how to silence your thoughts, but not judge yourself when your mind wanders.

Selene S.
Use fuided meditation could be one way to get reminded in an easy way when you drift of in thoughts. Other ways could be a simple short session but repeated during the day e.g. 10 minutes in the morning but several 1 minutes sessions during the day. Those sessions do not have to be with eyes closed or in a soecific place, just stare outside and notice your breathing for some time

Olivia W.
I have the same trouble, having an ASD and ADD i would get so frustrated trying to meditate "properly"
Try seeing it through a different perspective, my friend pointed out to me that my goals and reasons were different to budhists regarding meditation.
I realised the just taking the time to try amd relax was beneficial.
Start small and use resources, i found that short guided meditation was way more effective, i could focus on a voice and listen rather than think and overthink it.
There is no shortage of apps and youtube videos with guided meditation.
Hope this helps you 🙂

Sofia W.
I would just take 10 minutes out of your day and just sit and breathe or write in a journal. You could even just let your feelings out

Julia Q.
1. Meditation isn't about not thinking anything, its about being present in the moment and aware of your thoughts.
2. Yoga might help you get familiar with being present in the moment. 🙂

Harri F.
For me, I just think what should I do in one day. I will think for the matter which are more important first then for the rest I just take it easy. Don't stress yourself too much, just do your best. Day by day, you will find out the thing you can do in a day become more. However, you also need to have your own schedule. No need to be too complicated just as simple as you think. But if you want it to become complicated just do it. Schedule is follow people mind. Fighting!