Specifc workout to suggest?

Rita Q.
Speed walking is a great calorie burner, and isn’t tough on your knees the way running can be. It’s easier to get out and do, and you feel great after. Gradually building upper body and core strength can be established through doing 30 sec planks 3 times a day
F Bio Y.
If you don't feel happy when doing simple workouts, then search for dance workouts! Workout with a smile! Music will force you to move! Bet you'll have pretty cool time!
Rosie U.
Well, I would pick a workout for a specific area for where I want to see improvement. Me, I just go and work outside, so I do a little bit of everything. But, let’s say you want to work on your core region. I would suggest planks and crunches. Just find a workout that you like, and are comfortable with, and use that. Maybe something that’s not hardcore, but uses a little bit of everything. Just find a workout that targets an area where you want to see improvement is all