Any other healthy habit tips?

Jenna P.
if you really want to change and commit to becoming a better version of yourself the best ways is to set up healthy routines so you can stick to the change
Paula C.
Try to do something that makes you feel good everyday. Painting your nails, go for a walk, listen to a song or watch a movie you like, talk with someone you love, etc. Taking time to take care of yourself daily is what is going to help you the most.
Auguste Z.
Be compassionate about yourself. Knowing this is a process. You will fail, but you won't have to stay there. Try to be present doing each of the new habits, knowing that you're loving yourself and respecting yourself with those.
Nicklas W.
dont use social media till 13. if you need to check do it for only five minutes after your morning routine.
you can look in your phone setting for a screen time limit! this will help you limit distractions.
Anvesha Q.
One can opt for a 21 days challenge where everything is about staying healthy and happy and building habits. In those 21 days you can anything you like such as reading , fitness, speaking, learning ,etc. I usually opt for my fitness where my day starts at 5 with meditation and then a small pre workout meal from 6-6:30. After that I do workout from 6:30 to 7:30 and then have my Protein Shake at 8. Then I have a light mid day meal snack from 10:30 to 11 and the salad followed by lunch from 12-2 pm. Then a small evening snack at 5 or 6 pm and then my Protein Shake again at 8 pm. I also make sure to drink water in the ratio 1:20 which means 1 litre of water per 20 kg. But if you wonder why specifically I chose 21 days only it's because it's scientifically proven that if a person does something continuously for 21 days he/she can develop a habit and in 90 days it will become a lifestyle. This does bot only make healthy but even gets me ready for everything. I feel very happy.
Patty O.
It was a slow process for me, I had to stay creative on the low carb diet, but there’s so much you can do with it, I didn’t beat myself up when I cheated and knew that once in a while I was going to have birthday cake etc, I just got back on as soon as I could. The low carb gave me quick results which motivated me, I started taking better care of myself, putting makeup on again, dressing up, it made me feel “pretty again “ and honestly you need to realize the best part of you is on the inside, your heart, that’s where true beauty is it took me a long time to realize that , feel pretty in whatever skin you are in
El P.
I would make it so that if you want to start a habit, you make it as easy as possible to start it. Put gym clothes at the end of your bed, buy healthy foods and put them in front of the unhealthy foods you might have, ect.
Addy T.
For me, it’s important to make these changes spiritual ones instead of logistical ones. The more I get stuck in the world of logistics, the more I lose myself and my purpose. Making these changes be about being better at connecting with my higher power is the most meaningful way for me to change.
Lacey A.
Always remember you’re worth the positive changes. That’s what keeps me going, remembering I deserve to be healthy and happy.
Zina U.
Less social media and games, take a walk everyday, read a book everyday, eat more healthy, meditate, learn to control your anger,….
Olivia G.
Other healthy habits I like are pushing yourself to get everything done as soon as possible! It frees up time then later when you want to relax!
Shamima L.
Okay So I will tell about the other health tips-
1) Jump for 10 times
2)Breathe challenge
3) Fast Walk
4) Yoga
Steph N.
Be gentle with yourself if you “fail” or fall off the wagon. Also celebrate when you do the things! Life is a journey not a race.
Jillian N.
If you can, buy fresh fruits and veggies from the store often so you have those as a snack option instead of chips or cookies. 🙂