How do I figure out when to do my exercise? I don’t feel like there is a cut out recipe.

Astrid Z.
There will be times when you don’t want to exercise, but you’ll have to push yourself to. If you set up reminders to do it throughout the day, then you’ll have different time frames to exercise. This will give you options on when to exercise. And always reward yourself after you do it!

Michelle F.
Well it all depends on your day schedule. Would you benefit from waking up an hour earlier to get in a morning workout or a light workout in the evening before dinner.
It all depends on your lifestyle the responsibilities you take care off. Some people are morning people and some are night owls.
I also struggled with this too in the beginning so I then thought about what I want out of the workout and my day ahead of me.
So I wake up half hour to an hour before my son so I can meditate before I start my day and get him to school then I will try for a morning session at home or gym after the school run for about 10/20 minutes and then meditating in the evening before bed to unwind from my day. Hope this helps you too

Gerry O.
Well in depends. If you little shy then the perfect time would probably be at comfort at your own home. It doesn't need to be anything long and fancy. For example I like to do little 9 minute exercise on evening before I go to shower and bed. You can start by doing someone small at first like scrething little, or doing some different kinds of jumping. But if you're a more like morning person you try some relating morning yoga or scrething that takes 2 minutes. Or if you have a time you can go for a little walk when you can. A walk with your morning coffee!! But it all boils down to asking yourself what are you comforble with? Do you want to exerice with people or no? If you're okay with other people try asking a friend and you can meet once a week for a walk or if you know a person who know gyms then go together and they can show you how the gym works. If you have some money to spare then sign up for swimming class for example.

Marin T.
It depends, it was spotty hard at first but then I was able to make a change. I tried waking up 15 minutes earlier. I did my 10 minutes of sport and then I took a short shower. I hope this helps 😊

Ela X.
in my opinion to figure out when you should workout out is when you feel the most productive.For example i feel more productive at night so i exercise at night