How often do you change your excercise routine?

Olav F.
I change my exercise routine depending on my needs for the day. Most days, if I need to get my steps in, I’ll run or walk. But if I need to crush my abs or glutes, I’ll do a routine along those lines.
Jacqueline P.
I guess each 30 days would be my best answer. During those 30 days, each workout circuit is a bit different targeting different muscle groups. I noticed that I focused on similar arm muscles for 2 days in a row, so this evening I still added in arms, but I focused on triceps instead of biceps. Right now I am following along with workout videos and trying to get more consistent with my trainer’s workouts. But honestly I prefer to do more target focusing. I’ll switch to that in the next few months.
Lloyd F.
I started out with the 7-Minute Exercise and found it a little strenuous for starters so I did the 4-Minute which I’m doing at present. I tried them all for starters then because I like the 4-Minute Exercise so much I think I’ll stick with it for a while at least until I feel that I’m getting positive results and am able to successfully maneuver through the 7-Minute Exercise.
Johanne E.
Yoga is my favourite activity but I try to vary it every so often. Every few days I’ll try to. Some days I’ll change it up with a kettlebell workout or a nice long walk. I often change to Zumba or a dance party in my kitchen as well
Holly O.
I am new to this, but zi am changing it daily. I like a variety and I hope the change will help me keep the habit and not get bored.
Erin P.
Not very often bc getting one going is hard enough. I have one toddler, one pre-schooler, routines are important for them, so I have to do the same thing every morning the same way or they get thrown off and they are part of my exercise/walking because I am alone with them all day, I can’t just leave them behind to exercise.
Natalino P.
I have no fixed routine so i just make sure i move. Sometimes it is just a walk aroynd the park before going to uni, other times ill do push ups since i know i have to g9 straight forward to an appointment and so on. I love routine and would definitely get into one eventually. At the moment i am leaving the wxcercise routine as flexible as possible so i will reqard myself with celebrqting rather than upset myself.
Taiara F.
At this point I dont have one, I have a toddler. I try to keep my steps and chin high. I stretch, and hope for days soon to begin incorporating running into my time again. I did start planks. Tiny, SUSTAINABLE, baby steps to build on every day.
Anica S.
Every day. I follow a program that combines different HIIT and yoga and cardio exercises and is set up by an instructor so I don’t need to think about it. I just follow every day. It is very convenient.
Veit J.
I have a pretty set routine, Monday arm day Wednesday leg day Friday core day, and then Tuesday Thursday and Saturday are just simple workouts and stretches and Sunday is yoga in the morning
Antonio G.
I don’t exercise enough to give a relevant response. I started the 8 minute routine in Fabulous, but an ankle injury forced me to find something else.
Scott O.
Everyday, ion really have a routine, I have a list of things I should do and I do them in different orders each day within the time frame I dedicated to my exercise, so every day I do something different then after 2 weeks or so I change the list
M Lody S.
All the time! I’m always doing different classes through classpass and I take soul cycle. When I don’t feel like leaving the house I’ll use an app for fitness.
Nanna E.
I don’t force myself into anything – most times, I’m doing different kinds of stretching. Combined with gym, this changes based on the muscles that need it the most on a given day. Some days, I randomly go for a heavier excercise but to me it’s more important to have a period of time when I’m moving before I eat
Isidor F.
I start off with a basic exercise, and after 3 days I add 1 additional/different exercise move to the routine. So every 3 days until I have 3 new ones, then I'll take out 3 of the original moves.
Magnus P.
I currently do circuit training and it changes depending on my work schedule. Morning workouts tend to be tough with me if I have early mornings.
Edwin Y.
I change up my routine daily. I dont have a heavy exercise routine but I alternate between walks, elliptical sessions, weight training and yoga.
Christopher S.
I make sure I have a mix of exercise every week (like boxing, yoga and running), this way I can flex around a bit more where I need to.
Gerhart U.
Consistency in the activity is what makes me continue doing it, so I walk to the train 1 mile everyday. If I had to keep coming up with new things, it would just give me an excuse to stop.
Tim N.
I like to change it everyday to be motivated and do not feel bored
One time you can reduce the time or increase the time of exercising
One time you can play gymnastics other times you can play any exercise that requires a lot of muscles and other times you can play yoga and even some times don't exercise but this should happen once a week
Good luck through your exercising routine👍
Caleb S.
I generally do a lot of variety – I alternate three days of strength training with three days of cardio, and then yoga on the seventh. After a month of that, I change up the exercises but still keep the same pattern. Variety helps me keep from being bored and quitting!
Michelle F.
Recently I’ve incorporated weight training into my excercise routine. My new goal is to do yoga 3 times per week, weight training 3 times per week. I walk every day.
Zaqueu E.
For the first few weeks, I tend to stick with the pushups, pull-ups, abs crunches with a wheel, diamond pushups and some isolation exercises with dumbbells. As some home workout routines that I find in a fitness app from the Playstore.
Erik J.
I do something different every day. I like variety. So some days I take groups classes, and other days I craft my own workout. I use a fitness app called Aaptiv. I highly recommend it.
Ugo Y.
All the time. Feel working is more important than exercise. Exercise is playing and I need to work. I also get bored with exercise routines. My work has always been the more important to me. I love what I do.