Is it okey to get exercise when you are lack of sleep?

Bella N.
I think exercise is a broad category including anything that gets your body moving. So with a lack of sleep low intensive exercise such as a walk, stretching or yoga are not only okay but can help energise you

Jobe U.
It all depends on how you feel, you will not be harmed if you exercise on a lack of sleep. The only thing that is affected is your performance due to your body not being able to fully recover. Hope this helps 🙂

Rylan G.
I believe it is okay to exercise when you lack sleep because exercising can help to better your sleep and make it easier to fall asleep. Exercising can help break a bad sleep cycle.

Danilo T.
Yes. Maybe the reason you're not sleeping well is the lack of exercise, and then everything may spiral out of control. Start small, because you won't be rested, but do something. Sometimes, the tiniest bit of exercise is all you need to break this cycle.