Is it important to do habits in the specific time?

Elizabeth T.
It depends on how your brain works, honestly. Some people react well to routine. If you do something at the same time every day, you will be conditioned to continue doing it. Your body will begin to expect it. For example, if you drink water as soon as you wake up evey day, soon you will wake up thirsty. Your body will be conditioned to desire water at that time.
Some people, though, do not react well to routines. They begin doing things at a set time, but will get overwhelmed or feel pressured to complete the task at the exact time every day. For example, if someone goes to the gym at 7am every day, but one day has to go to work early, or oversleeps, they will feel regret at missing their task. They feel pressured to complete the task anyway, but it results in a hectic day of crisscrossed scheduling. In the end, the person feels defeated and doesn't go to the gym at all. Or the next day. The routine has been broken. This is common for proper who struggle with depression or neurotic behaviors such as OCD.
I fall into the second category. For me, it is more important to simply get the task done in a day, but not at a certain time. This relieves the pressure of keeping to a strict schedule even when plans must change. As long as I can check it off my list, I have accomplished my goal.
In the end, the most important thing is to feel happy and healthy. Find what works for you and stick with it. It won't be easy. Forming habits is hard because you must grow new neural pathways, and your brain would rather stay the same. You will feel pressured to not change, but you should never feel stressed. Don't give up.
Karl E.
The drinking water first thing in the morning should be done first thing in the morning for maximum results. For the rest of it, I think it’s important to get into a routine, BUT, you don’t want to become so ritualistic that it starts to hinder other areas of your life. I feel like it’s important to be flexible. Sometimes I work out in the morning, sometimes in the evening. I don’t think it matters too much, as long as you’re getting active!
Luke T.
What really counts for a daily habit is that you do it; it helps a lot to ingrain it to memory and make it an actual habit if you do it at a specific point in the day (morning, evening, etc) especially at the start. But if you can’t make it on a day at that time, just try to do it later!
Astrid C.
I am also at the very start. In some sense I would say yes as it means you can do the habit within a pattern of habits. However, the most important thing is to do it. And of you have nothing else that is at fixed times say of you are a student or unemployed doing it is the most important it also provides some structure to your day. Do answer is: yes, but no.
Iara Q.
I’m thinking yes and no: if it’s a specific time it’ll help you start your rituals and make sure you do them everyday so the habits become actual habits. But! What’s also important is that you can combine the rituals with “real life”, so what I’ve been doing isn’t adhering to a specific time but a specific moment. So for example the morning ritual starts as soon as I get out of bed, whether that is early on work days or later on days off. Good luck!
Dawn Y.
I think it is best to keep to a schedule for your habits. However, sometimes things happen so the schedule may need to be adjusted. This is not a catastrophe! If you have an appointment in the morning and can't do your exercises then try to squeeze them in later in the day. It's better to do them off schedule than to not do them at all.
Patrick E.
I would say yes when you organize your day thinking in some specific hour for an activity you will prepare everything to be ready on that time avoiding confusions or forgetting the activity you planned to do.
Joshua N.
Hey Fabulous User!
I’d say that you don’t absolutely have to do it in a certain time, but I would recommend it because then you when and what you will be doing. It’s also more organized so you can keep better track of your day! Have a wonderful and fabulous day!

– Madison Suh, Your Fellow Fabulous User❤️

Terra G.
Yes! It enforces consistency and it takes out the guesswork and mental fatigue of consistent decision making to when and where should we take action.
Gerry G.
Yes, until it is not an habit, you should try to make it a routine at a fixed time. Once it's a habit, it will itself take up with the fixed time.
Virgil U.
No idea, but it might be easier to keep them, if they are always at the same time. Like it's easier to remember to do it, and not postpone it
Elisane Q.
It’s very important because it helps you to be discipline in everything you do. If you are able to do habits in a specific time, it will help you in other things you do.
Katherine P.
Ideally yes, I find having myself set to a schedule helps because then its the same every day and I don't end up having to find time for things later in the day
Loris P.
Yes. A specific time makes it part of your daily routine. You won’t need to think about it because it becomes a part of what you do and who you are
Hadrien T.
I think it is definitely important. I like to do thing around a certain time. When building a routine you want to keep things in some what order. Now that doesn't mean things in life sometimes change our routines but if you have something set usually you can find a way do the unexpected as well as the normal. Time is precious but if we use it wisely. You can do so much in one day.
Marc U.
As a fan of Intermittent Fasting, my answer is a clear Yes! It helps to stay motivated if you achieve little steps one by one & according to plan.
Letitia P.
I don’t think that it’s that important, as long as you get them all done before you move on to your next set of habits, and are able to complete all of your habits in one day.
Clinton X.
As long as you do them, they don’t have to be done at a specific time. However, it’s useful to do them in order because your mind builds a routine.
Marius C.
To me it was very difficult to maintain the time, so I just do it when I wake up, because my sleeping habit is not fixed after ramdhan