Do you do the same exercise throughout your journey?

Gary N.
I do execute the same exercise throughout my journey here because I have read an article saying that when you do a certain things you want to make a habit, do it for 21-days. Because of that, I was determined that I will do it and reach my goal. Doing the same exercise everyday made me realize that I have to be at ease in doing an exercise, that I should not be lazy and hopeless in achieving my goals. If I do the same thing over and over again, it may become a habit of me to do it everyday, making me a better person for my health.
Marion O.
Not really, I usually run in the mornings as I don't feel too strong and I like to get some light on my face, I often wake up with morning anxiety so its a good way to quash this; the natural breathing obtained from a run seems to really help. I also like to do strength training as this really wakes me up, however its sometimes difficult first thing!
Gelcira Z.
No I don’t, I change it up a bit so that I don’t get unmotivated along the way. I have a tendency to not follow through something when it’s routinely so I always change up the order of my routines. On Monday’s and Friday’s I’d do a full body workout of 20-30min. Usually I’ll workout both mornings and afternoons. Then on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I will most likely do a full body workout of 15 minutes and run on the treadmill in the afternoon for 30 minutes, it differs. As for Wednesday, I use it as an active rest day. I will either do yoga or just stretch. I have a question actually, if you’re a beginner would you alternate between cardio and strength training or am I doing good by just taking it easy and doing some full body cardio workouts?! I plan on only doing full body cardio for 4 weeks. After the 4 weeks are up I will include strength training on my 5th week. That was my initial plan, does it sound like a good habit to go off of?
Am Vel S.
Yes, I work from home so I do 8 minutes each day; 20 reps of each: push ups, crunches, squats, pull ups (for my arms on the side of my bed)and the plank… I also do more but this is my basic
Heather N.
I don’t know yet. I just started today. I had intended on doing 30 min of walking a day, as that’s what I tell my patients to do, but am open to switching it up once I get into the routine.
Sonia O.
No, I walk alot so thats part of my exercise – walk children to and from school 20 mins each way. Roughly 6000 steps. Then I try to do body strength exercises around 10 mins a day – squats, plank push ups etc
Milka X.
I somewhat do. I try me best to do stretches the most because I stand long periods of time each day. I either hike, or walk/jog intervals on my incline treadmill. When I get a chance I do go mountain climbing or bike riding. My chances are rare though given I work 2 jobs for the most part.
Sarah F.
Yes! Have used the same exercise throughout my journey so far. I complete the 7-minute workout. It's only 7 minutes! 7! And yet it makes me feel alive and strong and is so short I really can't justify missing it. A few times I've done other 7 to 10 minute exercises (like yoga stretching), but this 7 minutes is my keeper.
Zhannat O.
I downloaded a great free workout app FitOn and do different exercises on there. I plan to vary my exercises with running and yoga further on.
Wayne Z.
My journey has just begun, I am currently doing light jogging on the spot, lifting the dining room furniture over my head, odd painful squats, flailing around on a pull up bar and pushups (on my knees of course) Along with lots of stretching to help the 8 minutes pass. I do believe my strength will grow every day and soon I will be doing all these exercises and more correctly and with ease. I don't know where your at but I do hope it's going well for you. Love and respect.
Rich C.
Yes, I love to go for a run in the morning as it gets me breathing, light on my face and quashes any morning anxiety I might have.
Danielle S.
A rotate the same few, it's could be going for a walk, riding the hoses, going for a run. I like the routine of knowing my exercises but also the flexibility and difference of changing it up
Susan Y.
I mix it up depending upon my time constraints and energy level. I also like to think about fitness goals when selecting what exercise to w
Victoria F.
it took me some time to find a way to exercise that would fit me. im fairly low energy in mornings and I'm not in great physical shape, so its daunting to do an entire workout or go out. In the end I just do one exercise – pushups. I can't do a single push up so I'm just starting small with wall pushups. I'm enjoying it so far – its easy to do and I can see progress, without exhausting myself.
Benjamin C.
Yes! I am a long distance runner and I am proud to say that I have achieved everything because of it. It changed my life and perception of the world.
Miro N.
Yes. Someday I hope to add more variety, but for now I’m focusing on creating & solidifying the habit by making it a simple as possible