How do you get out of bed when you’re so tired?

Travis U.
Go to bed earlier and at approx same time each night. Bodies thrive on routine, so often issues sleeping can be resolved by persisting. I am in bed 8.30 pm and up with the birds 🙂
Melanie U.
I have to think about something important that I have to do to get to get up. If I don't have any, I just keep sleeping.
Lucas C.
Obligation to work study practice sometimes just the obligation to wash in the shower or brush my teeth it’s not easy but by setting a task that needs doing you can get up as long as you keep that in mind
D Lcio Q.
First, I think about my goals that I want to achieve, and I immediately get a boost of energy. Second, I have a cat so whever I get late to get up in the morning, he always wakes me up to feed him, more like a living-alarm😂. Last but not least, when the ones you care about talk to you in the morning, you 're suddently not tired anymore, unfortunately, I' ve lost my beloved ones. When I recover, it will definitely be easier for me. Thanks.
Vedvrat F.
I still find it the most difficult to get out of bed in the morning. However, I've seen that if you you thr purpose, you instantly get up. E.g. getting up at 5am is easy if you have to get up for a trip you're excited for, but not so if you want to do it for yourself. Add the trigger to get the habit.
Asta C.
I have water by my bed i have a drink of it and if I'm too tired to wake up I don't pay enough attention to the water and spill it over me and it wakes me if I don't spillit over me I'm obviously not that tired
Felicia L.
I try to motivate myself by saying a task I need to do. I start with the easiest task possible like touching my toes. Then I follow up with for example to rotate in my bed four times. Then I tell myself to touch the floor. Then I tell myself to get one leg out of the bed, then the other one, then to sit on my bed etc.. This usually takes about 15 minutes. Good luck!
Kai Z.
Think of the consequences of not waking up. Then overthink the consequences. Then make myself believe the worst case scenarios will happen. And then its easy to get out of bed. 👌🏻
Carol T.
Getting out of bed when im so tired is really so hard,it takes a lot of my remaining energy to get up. Want to get up 'cause so much things needed to be done,but my body doesn't want to cooperate. But of course,my mind wins. Get up sleepy head! Get up! And lo! 👍😊
Sadia V.
I don't wake up when I am tired. But even if it needs to wake up, my any activities cannot be done in that way I want to do.
Erin Z.
First, go to sleep at a good time to prevent being tired, but here are some tips if you can’t: 1. Remind yourself of things that won’t get done if you don’t get out of bed. 2. Have an alarm clock far away from your bed, so you’ll have to get out of bed to stop it. 3. Breathe. Your body wants to rest so give it some mindfulness! Hope these tips help!
Rachael N.
Get up as soon as you wake up. Go to bed earlier (easier said than done)! Establish a regular sleep routine – get up at the same time each day. Move your body first thing in the morning.
Xaver X.
Sometimes when I'm tired or sick I just think of the things that are waiting for me to do today and all the opportunities that I have
It's an other day another chance to take
And then I feel comfortable with it and get out of bed in the morning