When do you finally wake up and just go work out instead of coming up with excuses to not go?

Najee O.
When you find the value in each moment. Go out and see if you can find the thing thats valuable in each person that they're trying to hide

Ron F.
I think it creeps up on you ninja- like. All feels like such an effort for such a while then it gradually dawns on you that you didn’t have to think about it beforehand – you just found yourself there on the mat or outside or wherever you exercise .

Titouan T.
I don't really work out but now that I have started to do a daily jog I don't make excuses I'm not perfect though like I was really tired at some point and I only done a 5 minute run….but I want to get better so I'm taking it one step at a time to better myself.

Ria X.
In every morning I wake up and just go to exercise instead of coming up with excuses because I know it will give me unwearable pain. Without work out I feel low whole day and it will cost me a huge amount of strength.

Julienne Y.
I tried to to choose the easiest method to help me get into the habit. For me, what works is picking a different 10 minute yoga session on YouTube every day. I stay inside, I don’t have to put on shoes – or even change out of my pajamas really – and depending on what I choose it can be energizing, relaxing, pain-relieving, strength-Building, or fat burning. It’s short enough that I can’t make a ton of excuses about why I haven’t done it – just 10 minutes! And I feel a lot better afterwards. Now that I have a baby it’s oddly enough become a treat for myself – a moment of self-care, where I do something good for ME! Seeing it as a gift to myself rather than a chore keeps me motivated to get to it.