What is the secret that maintaining consistency with exercise?

Andrea E.
There is no secret. It is hard work for those whose bodies don’t want to move naturally a lot and hard work for those whose bodies do. The output to what degree and how quickly the physical and emotional rewards come vary- this is one of the obstacles everyone has to face wanting to grow in self descipline.
Gilcenira Z.
I put a reminder on my phone and give a certain time every day to complete my exercise,. I have the drive to do my exercise,.
Clara T.
The exercises that are offered in the app are 4 mins for abs and 7 for a full body workout. That short amount of time made it easier to stick with it.
Ida U.
Knowing that if I stop. If I don't do it for even one day it makes it more likely, and even probable that I will quit.
Today I said I'd only walk to the corner – a 2-minute walk each way. When I got there I kept going. I didn't do a long walk, and that's okay – I did *something*, and I'm about to put my star sticker on my wall calendar to show my progress.
Tammy F.
I find the best is as soon as the alarm goes off in the morning , to just get up before giving yourself time to think of an excuse
Louna T.
Start small, that way it doesn't seems so daunting. Once you begin you can coach yourself into staying a little bit longer. Also if you join a 30 day challenge or similar with goals and support it can really help motivate you.
Freia H.
I enjoy every minute of my exercise.
It's like I am actully investing in my future self.
I always seem to focus on my goal,this is the secret of waking up early.
Before turning of the alarm,think of your goal.
Rosita Z.
For me it has been persistence of just getting back to exercise of no matter how long I haven't exercised for. And also working out early in the morning before anything can get in your say.
Uschi O.
Do something achievable. Going straight into hiit or aerobic classes is not always the answer. Mix it up. Walk one day dance the next do 10 to 15 mins of interval training the next. If you make it too difficult for you to maintain or too hard to do you'll lose motivation. Allow yourself to build slowly.
Sales N.
Set a schedule and stick to it. Do it early in the day before you get overwhelmed by the other demands of life.
Oscar G.
Find out your why. What is your reason to exercise? Keep a reminder (i.e. a photo on your phone with a reminder to exercise). Find something manageable for the time you have.
Roberta Z.
I think there is no secret. But one thing you can do is, when you don't want to go to the gym, tell yourself you are just going to stretch. Get your body there.
Pio Q.
I think discipline and also take a moment to enjoy the feeling after you finished your workout. For me it's physical content and also psychological "well done!". Also wirkout is something that you can mark as "done" each day and it brings extra satisfaction.
Luenem F.
Any movement counts. It is better to get up and move than to stay sedentary then end up regreting it. Always keeping my goal in mind helps me stay motivated as well as creating challenges
Milton O.
I like to plan out my exercise schedule on Sunday and add it to my calendar. This way the time is blocked out in your day and you know what you are doing. I exercise 6 days a week and alternate with weight training and cardio, but do schedule a 30 minute walk every day. Hope this helps!
Ida Z.
Keeping it simple. A long routine that requires preparation, equipment or a lot of space will be much harder to maintain than spending 10-15 mins every day doing a short all-body workout that doesn’t require equipment.
Stretch for 5 mins, exercise for 10 and stretch or do yoga for 5 to end. You’ll feel great!
Gavin J.
It is always most difficult to resume a workout than it is to maintain, we've all been there. When I'm getting back to it, I remove the need for any additional planning or preparation. For example, in the morning if it seems impossible to get moving, I go for a walk in my slippers and pajamas… or do jumping Jack's and pushups. At night when I get home, no matter what outfit I have on (casual to full suit) I put my tennis shoes on and go for a walk. By removing the requirements… like being in workout clothes, having a class scheduled, putting in a video, planning a circit… I remove the possible excuses that keep me from getting moving. One other trick I recently introduced is my trigger around the electronic media. In the morning and evening when I do my usual routine of checking social media, news, YouTube, etc, I dont allow myself to sit. I walk around inside the house, up and down the stairs, even walk in place or do squats. It might sounds silly, but getting myself moving just a little makes it easier to keep moving and maintain the momentum.
Bebiano F.
For me what has work is to stick to a routine. I just started working out and I have some different options to work out to so even on sore days I have a simple work out I can do so I keep up with my set routine, give yourself time to ease into your new routine and make it one with short term goals in mind you can always change it once the goal is achived!!!
Ivan O.
Do the minimum possible….so 5 minutes if that's all you can manage. Slowly build up to longer sessions so that you avoid burnout
Pascoal P.
I feel energized and happy after the excercise. Thinking of past days and consistency give me motivation to do it more time. I was committed to excercise 6 months a year ago and it give my body a perfect tone and shape. Its impact reflected on my energy, beauty, happiness and endurance in my life. It also impact my mental health and physical endurance.
Sofie Z.
I guess it is the most difficult one… if I don’t feel like doing my routine then I at least sweat my ass off to a few songs and dance it off. I try and move in some way and feel my body so that I don’t get stuck in the nothingness… I hope that’s something…
Carsta Q.
The secret to maintaining exercise consistency is to keep it short and sweet. It can't feel like an imposition. That's why I usually do a simple routine to get the blood flowing and some basic exercises with time to do more later on in the day if I feel like it.
Nils G.
Consistency in exercising comes from commitment and preparation. It is a way of life and one must do exercises if you want keep yourself mobile!
Earl F.
Make sure that you're not running at 100% speed from the get-go. Then, make sure to reward yourself after you complete it each session.