What are some some way you switch up the workout you do before walking out the door each morning?

Joan A.
I either do cardio or weight training if my energy level is high or 10 minutes of full body stretch when my energy levels dip.

Anoop F.
stretching which helps in walking or slow running. it will helpbin
smooth walking. morning walk energized me. it gives energy for complete day.

K8 N.
Each day is totally different. I wake up thinking 🤔 🌞’s out how bout a walk. Then I remember it’s February or March and I live in Michigan. I don’t mall walk anymore. Lived in New York metropolitan area b4 during and after 9/11. My son works for Gaby Giffords. Org – so don’t do crowds or events. And now there’s the Coronavirus- so running around cleaning my house, and only carrying one item at a time up or down the stairs helps me get my steps in. NO EXCUSES available!