Do you find exercising with a friend or partner more rewarding than exercising alone?

Ana Lle Y.
I do like/prefer doing group yoga. But other than yoga, I prefer to work out alone – No judgment, I don't have to look a certain way, and I can get as sweaty as I want & do it as long as I want
Melisa N.
I prefer to exercise alone. I haven’t try yet exercising with a friend, but some people told me that they like better to exercise with a partner because they hate exercising and that make them feel more support to do something that don’t really enjoy doing
Anna E.
I personally find working out with a friend or partner harder than working out alone. I feel like when I am alone I am able to push myself to my own limit and really listen to my body. However, when working out with another person they help encourage me to do things I might find difficult. So, while both options are fun and engaging, I prefer to work out alone.
Jackie W.
Yes,I do.Mainly because it makes you feel like you are not alone and encourages you to go on with your journey. Hope I could help.😊Have a great day or night wherever you are.