How do you make yourself go to bed earlier?

Ma Lle Z.
You clear your mind of any negetive thoughts or things that are you are worrying about you can meditate and I read breath to do this
Sofia Z.
It’s being a challenge for me too.
Make sure you do everything you need to do, before you go to bed, early.
And then if you’re under the covers, and you’re reading a book, or watching a movie or whatever it is, it’s more likely you’ll fall asleep.
Ellen T.
I am waking up early in the morning, so I am tired. Or…. If I really can't go to sleep, I am reading something before going to bed
Valdemar Z.
Well what I do is just get my work done and things on my to-do list done and then I lye in bed with a clear connsiouns 😴🌄
Thomas N.
I workout hard later in the day and then relax (meditating, reading, puzzles, coloring) in the afternoon so I can calm my energy to sleep.
Frederik N.
First of all hello to dear fabulous user
When I was young I used to go to bed so early for example 8 o’clock and wake up about 6 o'clock and I still do. I still go to bed early and wake up soon but they are many days that I like to watch a movie or spend time with my family or friends and some days with no reasons I just want to go to bed late. For those days I go to my bed although I don't feel sleepy anyway but I go to my bed and sometimes read a lot of books till I get tired and sleepy. But my success key is to do sth that I enjoy to do it and it makes me tired like dancing, exercising, planning for the next few days or doing backlogs thing.
These are the ways that I use when I don't feel sleepy. I hope they are helpful.
In S G.
I make sure I go to bed around 10 each night and I always wake up around 6 but I exercise during the day and stay away from caffeine never exercise to close to bed time.
Vee N.
I try to go to bed before 9pm. I read something or watch something for 30 min. After this my body tell me that I am ready for sleep. This doesn’t mean that I never fail to go to bed early. Occasionally, I stay awake until 11 pm and that made me feel tired the next day and not fit for work. So I try to stick to a routine by going to bed early and push myself for a small movement outside from work daily.
Ted U.
To be honest I just say to myself that is time for sleep. Close all electronics and night night 😂. Except the phone 😬.