How do you celebrate?

Martina P.
it really depends, i usually eat something i really like, go out or,in general just do something i enjoy…..with someone i enjoy!
Marie A.
I am in love with dance 💞! And for celebrating l play my favourite arabian music and dance. But sometimes i celebrate by eating my favourite dreank, hot chocolate! Or watching a funny video on YouTube. I have varied ways for celebrating.
Dragan O.
i celebrate by doing something i love, whether that’s playing with pets, or cooking a meal, spending time with friends or going to the gym. thanks for the question!
Debbie Z.
i normally celebrate by eating something that isn’t really healthy like cake plus i will normally let myself go on my phone more
Renske N.
I will celebrate by making a dance, by buying something for me. By eating something nice and expensive, making a Forrest walk. Yes, i think it is going to be a dance!