My arthritis and neuropathy keep me pretty stiff in the morning. Therefore, most days I exercise in the afternoons after a lot of stretching. Is there a reason why exercise is always scheduled in the morning on Fabulous? Am I at a big disadvantage? Is there something else I can do in the morning that will equalize my afternoon workouts with morning workouts?

Stephanie Z.
You’re at an incredibly positive advantage! I don’t believe in comparing oneself to other people, but seriously most people aren’t spending time stretching and listening to their bodies. The fact that you do that is awesome! I suggest you do what feels right at the time it feels right. Onward and upward! Here’s to good health! Have a great week

Raul W.
The way I see it, stretching is exercise! It’s about moving your body in a way that feels good and is sometimes challenging, and stretching is all of those things. If you like you can also do a warm up exercise in the morning, like a short walk or a couple songs of dancing, that put you in a good mood and set your body up to be able to do a more vigorous workout later if that fits into your day.

Janine C.
No that's not a big issue u can workout in the afternoon too. Just what matters is do you workout everyday?Cause that what you should be doing. You can lift heavy weight 2 days a week and work on cardiac muscle for rest of the days.

Ramona C.
I don't think you're at a disadvantage at all I think you're doing an amazing job to keep exercising and wherever and whenever you can exercise is a win!

Ilma S.
I think the morning exercise schedule helps us to begin our day with full of energy and to start the day with a fresh mindset and helps to maintain our body too