What do you enjoy doing for light exercise?

Cody A.
I enjoy getting out my clothes the day before and setting everything out so I am ready in the morning. For light exercise, I would do some stretches such as hamstring sweeps and reaching towards the floor with my legs straight. Then maybe I will do some easy but effective standing bicycle crunches and some abdominal crunches. This many targets the abs and core but if you want to target your whole body then go for a light jog.
Sarah T.
Walking, yard work or gardening is also another good option. I also like to do walking/ exercises in place while watching a movie or TV. My kids ultimately will join in at some parts so it actually models movement is easy to do anywhere for them
Katerina M.
I love taking a long walk and listening to music. I always try to choose different places and explore nature. If the weather does not permit going out, I enjoy some yoga, stretching or meditation workouts
Tadeusz R.
Walking the dog. We're working on walking as a single activity, not walking to explore or to relieve her bladder, but walking for the sake of moving.
Luisa P.
I have a playlist with 4four happy songs that I dance to. Most often with headphones on first thing in the morning, dancing not to look cool just enjoying the music 😀
Of Lia S.
Basicly the best light exercise is just going for a walk for half an hour… Its the best way to release your muscles while actually being able to process what you did today and what you want to do tommorow!
Malthe B.
No equipment/ bodyweight exercises routine. I kept it no equipment so that u can never say I came do this exercise because I don't have some gear. I've been exercising for 3 years since
Andrew C.
1 is small win
2 is better feelings in body
3 example for my three children
4 it shows to the Universe that I want live longer and happier
5 before breakfast it's starts up many internal processes in body to have a really useful meal
Katie J.
I love going for a walk first thing in the morning through the park. If I don’t have time for a walk or the weather is bad I do a short yoga session, just find a 5 or 10 minute guide on YouTube and follow along. Neither the walk nor the yoga are too strenuous so I feel like my body is woken up and ready for the day and I’ve still got plenty in the tank for the rest of my day.