I tend to exercise almost every day, sometimes first thing in the morning before breakfast and sometimes in the evening before dinner. What time is more effective and why?

Claire I.
So, in my opinion, it’s better to exercise in the morning even if you haven’t had breakfast first. But you have to be very careful and choose a low intensity routine. In fact, I personally think that the best strategy is eating a little piece of fruit or something very light, exercise, and then have a heavier (and healthy) breakfast. I hope this was helpful!
Galina X.
All depends on what works for you, I’m usually more productive in the evenings, but I struggle with sleep so I try not to exercise too close to bedtime as the adrenaline from the workout disrupts my sleep even more. I hate exercising in the morning but I’ve gotten into the habit of doing that now just so I get it out the way first thing and then go about my day without worrying about not finding the time. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you stick to the same time every day 🙂
D Lia E.
My understanding is that you have more focus and energy for the rest of your day if you exercise in the morning. It helps you wake up and lifts your mood more than coffee would, but that will only be helpful if you have achievable exercise that you have positive associations with. If you are doing something that makes you grumpy doing it or thinking about doing it then your habit won't last. If evening works better for you then definitely do that.
Jorge J.
I think in the morning after breakfast is better, because you will feel more active and eat something before gives you more energy to do that.
Amber C.
I like to exercise in the morning in weekends , but in weekdays I like to exercise in the evening after I finish all the hard tasks and tasks I don't like
Nelson E.
I recommend a cardio based workout in the morning to boost your energy and heart rate. Your evening workout could be more weight training and stretching to help wind down for the evening. If you do cardio in the evening, it can keep your energy and body heat too elevated.
Viktorija X.
As much as I found out during years, there’s no right or wrong answer.
If you exercise in the morning it gets out of the way, you feel energetic and it’s a big accomplishment for the rest of day. Exercising makes you happy, elevates heart rate for the rest of the day, and if you exercise in a fasting mode you also are depleting body’s energy instead of the food one.
If you exercise in the evening, your heart reta is elevated during the day so it might be easier way with cardio. It helps to use up extra energy you have left, might relax you and help to wind down. It’s important to left enough time before to sleep otherwise you might have difficulties falling asleep. It’s best to choose something relaxing/low impact if you exercise right before sleep time.
The most important is not when you do it, but that you do it. There are many variables in life so as long as you do your workout it will be effective either way.
I hope it helps.
Oct Vio Q.
I think morning time which is before breakfast is a better timing than evening time which is before dinner. Because if you do your exercises at the morning, it will be easier to burn your fats.
Reinhild C.
After I eat lunch is usually best because I’m more energized especially compared to days I exercise in the morning without breakfast first, but I prefer in the morning so I can get a natural energy boost without caffiene
Valdemira S.
It's better to workout in the afternoon or early evening because in the morning our blood pressure is high. I prefer to workout in the evening before dinner.
Sarah O.
I love working out in the morning for many reasons. It gets me energized to seize the day, I mood is lifted and I love knowing it's done just incase it turns into a long day. For me, working out in the evening keeps me more awake so if I do anything in the evening it is yoga or stretching to wind down.
Olaf S.
Any time is Alright but I like to do it before lunch or 3 hours before sleep, before lunch because that's when we're the most productive and before sleep because blood circulates around the whole body making you burn calories while sleeping but make sure its 3 hours before any later than that may make it difficult sleeping ♡
Rh P.
I do yoga before breakfast and before bed time. I think both are effective.

I do it before breakfast is because after breakfast I have to let the food digest and that will take time. When I start doing yoga, it’s already sometime into the middle of the morning. In order to have a block of time to do other things, I choose to do yoga in the early morning. Also I found, right after bed, the body is more stiff so it’s good to have a stretch.

For bedtime yoga, I found a little bit of stretching to enhance the muscles and then relax the muscles, I will sleep better.