How do you make sure you stay on track with your exercise habit? How do you motivate yourself to keep it up daily?

Julia U.
To start, I found it helps to not think of it as optional. When an exercise is really tiring, think "it may suck now, but if I keep doing this correctly and with full effort, it won't be as bad in future exercises" instead of "do I really have to do this?". Promise yourself to exercise once a day, even if you end up starting it right before midnight. Once you start seeing the results, just remember that those are a use it or lose it gain. Anytime I slack a few days, I get back on track by remembering that if I stop exercising, I'll lose all the results from my previous efforts.
Andreea I.
A healthy breakfast for me is a mea full of love made from what our beautiful Earth is giving us, free of suffering and torture and hormones and cholesterol and bad karma. A healthy meal is one that will nourish our body and our soul in the same time. Be the change that you want to see in the world. Every little thing that you do makes a difference! ❤️