I have real trouble In being active throughout the day. No excuses, am lazy. How do I not be?

In S Q.
If you use your phone alot like i do, then you can set a timer to remind you to go drink water, exrecise or go for a walk thats what helps me a little😅👍

Oswin O.
Being active throughout the day is hard because there are so many things that could get in the way like school or work. However it is important that you choose a certain time period during the day to go for a walk or even workout. Try to do it at the same time each day and eventually it will become a habit!

Isabella O.
Try to find an exercise you like it can be yoga or strech,you can go to walk or something you like. Think that you are through a process

Roland N.
Put all thoughts to a stop and force yourself to take just one action. Once you do it you cant back down. Do it everytime you feel like giving up.

Grace J.
Make a training plan what to do what day what hour, you need to fall In love with exercises you will be making. Make a plan and follow it. That your purpose.

Caroline B.
You just need to have something that you think will happen in the end. for example i motivate by telling myself when i’m skinny people will like me

Donata T.
make a schedule that is easy to follow. push yourself in trying and remember that you’re doing it for yourself. you should also daydream about the things you could do in your free time if you start doing your work now.