I’m bipolar with severe insomnia. How I can maximize my time at night without creating too much noise or wearing myself out too early? I need to make it through the night so I can sleep early morning and wake up mid-afternoon or else the entire day will be off.

陳思惟 N.
Drawing and break down your daily schedule 30 mins to an hours and fill those blank in with active you usually enjoy. Like work out,me time, and work/family and than you are going to find out you've spend so much time on self-pity and angry about the things in pass.
Alejandro B.
Hello dear. Maybe you could reach out a friend, tell them about your situation, and ask kindly for some attention. Just a little bit of their time so you can express your thoughts and emotions, without getting judged. Maybe externalizing those things with someone just before trying to sleep, will help you achieve that. But don't be selfish, give appreciation to that person after. Kind words, gifts, some company too, you see. Hope you get better friend! -Jack
Lil Nova N.
Try scheduling and motivational speeches to find a away to push through what you need i have minor adhd and use motivational speech to help me stay focused