What gives you the strength to get out of bed and conquer the day?

Bita A.
I usually do what I love to do in the morning. For me that's writing my to-do list and journal a little. That gives me motivation to get out of bed and start the day. Better find something that you like to do and do it after you wake up.
Nadiyya Y.
I have school at 9:00. I know to have a healthy mindset and a productive day I need to wake up. I always think that If I want to live for today then I have to wake up and enjoy the moment.
Maria I.
Actually having a goal is what keeps me going! So I guess having goals or eating to achieve something, knowing just getting out of bed will help achieve them.
Hope this could help a little bit 😌❤️✨
Trudi F.
If something exciting or important is happening that day then I will wake myself up pretty quickly like for a birthday or for Christmas but other than that I’m normally not that motivated. Sometimes I feel really awake and simply cannot get back to sleep anyway but sometimes I just don’t want to either because of tiredness or because I don’t want to face the day or the people ahead. I find that if I remember that it’ll be fine once I get going I can kinda force myself to get up.
Jose S.
In a word … me. We can absolutely, definitely have people in mind to help motivate. If we are all honest and truthful then the main and immediate strength is ourselves. You and only you can motivate you! I believe in you 💛
Signe B.
I think that when you write what you are grateful for, that makes you to want a get up and do all those thinks that you can and you are grateful for them.
Alison E.
Knowing that I was given the opportunity to be alive and live! Knowing that I am the one that creates the life I want to live because I am the one who really knows what makes me happy