What is your favorite kind of exercise?

Eileen Henry
My favourite one is hiking in the beautiful outdoors. It’s intense when your backpack is heavy & the hills are high but it’s so rewarding! Head into the woods Fabbers, you’ll get happiness in return. 🙂

Steven Hughes
I have had a love hate relationship with working out mainly because of a lack of consistency on my part. So for me having something that will hold me accountable is crucial. I have since found kickboxing to be an all time favorite.

June Carter
My favourite type of workout is cardio based. Something that will get me sweating and flush my cheeks. A good run or dance class will do the trick 😉

Alice Girard
I like walking especially when I’m going somewhere because you always notice different things about your surroundings. I also like that I can take the dog and get some vitamin d too.
I also like Pilates/yoga for an at home workout because I feel it in my posture and it takes less effort to get out of the house and get going!

Gertrud Widmann
The only kind of physical activity I ever truly enjoyed was learning to skateboard. I did not get very far because I felt I was too old and that it was embarrassing, but I enjoyed doing it, and getting better at it, which is not something I ever felt about any kind of exercise. Right now, I kinda like dancing. And push ups.

Sertório Freitas
Well, my favorite kind of exercise is boxing. After a very long day or maybe a bad day I can always go to the gym and get all my frustrations out in a healthy and controlled environment. Even if I had an amazing day, I love going to boxing just to pump up my energy levels and feeling motivated for the rest of the week. Also, the relationships that you get to build with each sparring partner is worth it all.

Gregory Holt
I like some much kind of exercise than I search mix. In a couple weeks ago I finish a work out in a gym with some machines to training but now I'm investing in kalinestick movements and I was like of the results.

Rosemarie Greulich
I like dancing. I sometimes look up Zumba videos on Youtube for free songs. I can pick and choose which ones I like, and reuse the same ones. Right after breakfast, some light yoga or a short walk is better for me. I like both. The hardest part is starting. I can listen to music during my walk, or just think. Yoga, until I memorize the routine, requires a video.

Auguste Rousseau
I enjoy yoga for its strength and flexibility improvement.

Running makes me feel good 😊

A kettlebell class is the most fun and makes me feel strong and accomplished 🏋️‍♀️

Javier Elliott
Walking outside in quiet countryside, even in the rain. I love the smells and sounds. You meet
other like minded people occasionaly and spot wild life , I love it.

Glen Taylor
I love exercising with kettlebells, usually with those I do Jerk&clean, squats, deadlift, thrusters, swing and military Press, they are great for short time intense exercises and you can Build the circuit that you want.

Inácio Peixoto
I like stretching, walking, and yoga. I used to like running as a form of exercise, but I have been scared of it lately because of my health

Carrie Alvarez
Playing a sport like soccer, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, etc. It's just more fun to incorporate exercise into a sport you like.

Perfeito Barbosa
Running, you can do it either at the gym or outside but outside is always better. Start slow, short distances and then start pushing yourself be careful to not overdo it and injure yourself, take off days.

Mathias Thomsen
Because of my background of volleyball, my favorite type of exercise is to usually pepper with another partner, back and forth. If I’m by myself, I’ll usually do many setting reps, setting against a high wall, keeping a streak, or setting to myself, high-low, or walking forward and backwards. If I’m not playing volleyball, I really like to just to practice my approach and do jump squats to increase my jump height.

Lloyd Hawkins
I try to run everyday. I walk 1.5km from my office to the canteen to get my lunch. That gives my body a chance to move.

Léane Guillaume
I enjoy riding my bike across varied terrain. Preferably, there is a change in elevation, where I can get some good exercise climbing the hills. I never walk my bike. If it's flat, it feels good to keep a steady pace!

Wayne Robertson
Typically, I enjoy swimming, biking and jogging. I think jogging is my favorite after I’m done, but strength training makes me feel the proudest.