I have a balanced body composition and fine developed muscles but for several years already I face a belly problem. Do you have an idea of how to flatten the belly? My wife started making jokes about it which are not as funny to me as I could hope.

Michael O.
First, love yourself, all of you, as you are, unconditionally. And let no one change how you feel about yourself. Then, work on mindful eating. I use an app to log everything I eat to track my calories and stay mindful, when I’m up past my ideal weight. I also use the app to log my weight each day. I can lose a pound or more a week this way and feel good doing it. I also exercise 30 minutes or so a day with a focus on core work. Yoga is excellent for that and there are many excellent videos online.
Emilie P.
I think you should workout more often.. You can refer at youtube on how to flatten belly… You can drink detox water everyday… Use lemon with honey or cucumber.. It delicious.. Try to drink it everyday.. It might help.. You can watch joanna soh youtube channel for the detox water …i hope you can make it.. Good luck
Martin G.
I can only speak from my experience as I don’t have data on averages, but a couple of years ago I was able to shed almost 20 lbs of fat all over not targeted the belly by eating smaller meals. It wasn’t about being disciplined and eating less than I felt it was about changing how much I felt I needed to eat. If you eat out a lot, then the amount you need to eat is thrown off by restaurant serving sizes. I used Metamucil to curb my food cravings until my brain understood how much I should eat. I’m at a healthy 14% body fat now.
Georgia R.
Maybe you have a bloating problem or your rod intake is incorrect. Try fasting if u don’t want to cut out carbs and don’t eat any sugary stuff and don’t drink soda and tea and other drinks with sugar.
Antje J.
Having a belly has nothing to do with muscular composition. That is one thing. But to make it disappear you will have to take lean meals over a certain amount of time. Low carbs, low fat. Stick to white meat, salad without any seasoning. This is hard. But you can do it. Just to condition yourself, begin by a three day journey : a monodiet. You will only take one vegetable of your choice ( recommended are carrot and cucumber… But can even be rice.) You will only eat that day and night. Seasoning with salt and pepper only. This will reset your entire body system. Then, introduce only the products with lean composition, and stick to them. You end this belly for sure 😉 good luck
Thea Z.
I think that maybe you should change your diet a bit. For example, if you drink alcohol try to reduce it, cause if I recall correctly, it's alcohol that gives you a bit of a belly. You could also try to work on your and through workouts, try sit ups or something, it might help but I'm not sure…
I hope I helped you a bit and I wish you good luck!!:)
Nur N.
I would suggest you to join zumba club near your. It is because when you join that kind of community, you will get a great circle that can help you. Next is set a time to workout in your daily schedule. You can watch a video from YouTube or download an apps to help you with the exercises.
Nyana Z.
I'm no expert on this at all but I'm facing the same problem so at the moment I've challenged myself to complete the chloe ting 2021 challenge (since nothing else was really working). She has a lot of videos on YouTube to help flatten the belly so I hope that helps. Remember that you are beautiful and you can do this!! If your wife's jokes are getting borderline offensive, consider telling her that it makes you uncomfortable about your body and you'd like her to please stop. No one should have to feel ugly or out of place in their own body. Good luck
Lke N.
If you are sure about it not being fat, yet still think it is a problem; a) it may be about your general body shape, some people do have larger stomach even in their ideal body and it is ok, b) there might be a health problem that causes liquids to be accumulated around your belly causing it to look swollen or bigger (asking a doctor may ve a good idea if you are not American), c) your wife may be upset/insecure about something entirely different, but subconsciously reflecting it (asking to other people close to you to confirm it may eliminate this possiblity) by her current demeanor, d) if you are a woman you might be pregnant.
I hope this helps and you find a way to solve any problems you are facing.
Jivitha F.
Try to control your diet , do meditation that will make your mind control and then it will start controlling our body. Do exercise everyday minimum 20 min or 30 min that will make you lose your belly problem