Should one run everyday or take a break?

Emily E.
Balance and routine are everything in my world. Resting is most important just as staying motivated/exercising in my experiences ♡

Fred C.
I would say that it is best to also have days without running to help your body recover. The other thing you can do is change the intensity of the run. Running with low intensity on some days will actually result in active recovery as you will have increased blood flow to the muscles without putting too much pressure on them. Alternatively you can stretch on some days to induce active recovery. Most importantly listen to your body, it can tell you what kind of run it needs.

Marialba P.
One should always have breaks. As it is written in the Bible. We should keep the day of sabbath. Get some rest and meditate. It’s important for the muscles to get their rest.

Elizabeth R.
I like to alternate running days with cross-training days. When I'm at my best, I keep a calendar on the fridge with a premeditated training schedule on it. (e.g. Monday- speed run, Tuesday- weightlifting, Wednesday- distance run, Thursday- Pilates, Friday- easy run, Saturday- yoga, etc.) And then I cross my workout out with a red marker every day when I'm done. This helps keep my workout fresh (#motivation) and lets my body use different muscles every day. They have a bunch of these example running calendars on Pinterest already made up too!

Flenn Z.
You should run everyday. The amount of work however depends on the day. Aiming for smaller sessions that you can do everyday or medium sessions and lighter day will make running more sustainable in the long run

Djalme A.
Take a break! It's important to take rest days so that your body has time to recoup, especially for a high impact activity like running. But choose another low impact activity or stretch so you don't lose momentum of the habit. Once you've built up strength and stamina, you may be able to alternate intensity days and go daily (e.g. Long distance run or sprints and Short 10 min jog or walk alternating days).

Edwin T.
Its good to take a break once in a while to let the body and mind rest and get ready for another round. As long as the break doesnt exceed in diration

Stephanie F.
Yeah- it would make logical sense that running everyday would be a great and healthy thing to do and I know some people might fear that if they skip running at all, then their good habit will disappear. However, medically speaking I've also read how running everyday can end up being rather strenuous on your muscles and joints- especially the knees. Allowing your muscles at least one day of rest and healing is a good thing. If you're nervous about losing your habit of running, I understand that, but implementing a rest day as apart of your habit and not something seperate from your habit is a good way to look at it ☺️

Brennan F.
I think that it depends on what your goal is.
For me it is important to take a run every day (morning) to get the day started and get an alert mind. For me, running/exercising is about taking care about my mental health and I therefore find it more important to at least do a short exercise every day.
If your goal is to run a marathon, then I don't know. But I can see no reason not to do at least a short daily excercise.

Good luck! Take care, Alex

Ella F.
Run every day even for 5 minutes! Exercise helps with motivation while you should take a break it's easy to get stuck taking breaks and before you know it you're not running anymore

Marie Therese T.
Keep your work out habit continuously, even for 5 minutes per day, instead of interrupting it. Therefore, exercise will be integrated into your must-do daily basis.

Chibuzor B.
What type of run? A sprint or a long endurance type? How long does it take your body to recover? These are essential to answering the question. What worked for me was a long run on a Monday(20-30 mins), a series of sprints, say like five 12-15 seconds sprints) on Tuesday, rest on Wednesday (stretches) and then a short run on Thursday – 10-12 mins (more intensity than monday), Rest on Friday. Saturday can be any one, sprints or endurance or even both mixed in, rest on Sunday. And rinse and repeat. Hope it helps.

Jeremiah G.
Depends how hard you are running. If it's simple, short runs then every day is fine. If you are going for long distances, you'll only want to 3-4 days a week.