What is your morning exercise routine before work and how much time do you spend on this?

Miguel O.
Yoga sun salutations 3 rounds, 5-7 minutes, easy and stretching
Advice: yoga carpet prepared in advance to your bed side
Hoi X.
I'll normally spend as much time as the timer for that habit and on school days, I'll just do stretches to stretch out my muscles in the morning and for some days, I'll do dances if i have the motivation.
Jennifer E.
Every morning, before I have breakfast and before I meditate I do a 10minute yoga session. I do it before breakfast to reduce an uncomfortable stomach. And I do it before meditation to help gain a calmer state and achieve deep meditation.
Ilda C.
I havnt had much time to do anything for myself. Because i have so much to do before actually settling down to do my self care