How do you motivate yourself to start exercising? To get out of bed or to stop what you are doing at the time?

Elouan Z.
Motivation can be difficult, and I struggle with it far too often. It is easy to understand the benefits of excercise, and if you have ever completed an intense workout then you can understand how amazing you feel afterwards. The endorphin rush, the sense of accomplishment, the exhausted muscles that hang around as a reminder that you have changed your body for the better. There are very few things in life that can give you that feeling. When I struggle to get motivated, I try to remember those feelings, and that's enough to get me going. And if I am really struggling, I will set a goal to do something very small immediately – like a quick set of pushups, or a single set of dumbbell curls – enough to leave that small muscle exhaustion feeling. Its minor, but it is a goal accomplished. That is usually enough of a spark to get back into the right mindset!
Oliver F.
I remind myself that I want to have a productive day with a good start. I drink water, eat a healthy breakfast, and exercise before I get distracted by anything that’s not urgent. And I love feeling accomplished!
N Dio Q.
You need to have a goal in mind. Motivation won't always be there so think of your goal. Is it to be healthy or to lose a few pounds or to be able to run a half marathon? Whatever it is, use that goal to get yourself to the gym or to get out of bed in the morning. You'll feel so much better for it. Go get it!
Paul J.
Just be moving once you get out of bed. Stretching is a fantastic way to do this. Also jog in place and/or jumping jacks.
Isabelle T.
I use the 5 second rule. Count to 5 and at the end do whatever it is. Force yourself after the 5 seconds to do it and if you continue to do this by the time you say 5 you will be ready to do things you don’t want to do
Ethan F.
I had to start eliminating the things that I used to stop myself from doing it. E.g television, sleeping in late, alcohol, weed. I made a note on my phone and got rid of one a week. 21 days makes a habit. 90 a lifestyle. Each time I make it to 21 days , I get a celebratory emoji 🥳 Sounds small but it worked. With my excuses out of the way, it was easier to build healthier habits.
Maurice P.
When I wake up I remember how far I have come. That each day I must do this because it's a long process not short and each day I do it I get better.
Alberto S.
I think about how great I feel after doing some exercise. I have to admit that sometimes I find it hard to find motivation, because I'm tired or I don't have much time, but then I remember how happy I am after running or doing yoga for a while. You will find the motivation too!
Oliver X.
I do something I already enjoy while I’m exercising. For me that’s listening to a fun audiobook or podcast. I also recommend starting wit her exercise that’s REALLY easy. So easy that it’s almost not exercising. For me that’s walking. And on the days where I can’t get out of bed, I do the minimum 8 minutes that Fabulous suggests of arm workouts while sitting in my bed in my PJs. Doing something small in the morning helps me to be energized to do something more intense or that requires more effort to start later in the day.
Magda F.
I go for a walk most days, and I do have trouble when it’s pouring rain or below freezing out. But otherwise I enjoy the route I’ve picked out for myself, and the time of day—the flowers, the trees, and the quiet. I look forward to it and miss it on the odd day when the weather is so bad that I have to substitute some other form of exercise.
Samuel Y.
I think of an upcoming event and a particular outfit that I would like to wear and how I want to look in it.

That motivates me to do squats at any time of the day 🙈

Oto I.
Exercising and speaking affirmatives to myself has established a craving, to where I anticipate the next session. And now that I’m finally seeing a change in my body, it’s easier to stay
Brian C.
I am a complete night owl (vampire as I like to call it) so mornings aren’t my thing, BUT…I find it easier to go to the gym if I do it first thing in the morning. It’s out of the way I do not need to think about it the rest of the day. I feel like once the day is going, I feel less motivated to go since I honestly could care less for going to the gym. Today is my 9th day in a row going to the gym and I still do not like it, but lately I feel more motivated to go and the workouts are becoming easier, and honestly I just feel happier and better about myself. So, it makes me want to keep going and I also like checking it off this app, ha. A friend told me that what motivated her to go was she started looking terrible. She said “I love myself to much to let myself go!” That really hit me…like how much do I love myself? How much do you love yourself?
Amber X.
I just think about the price, the goals of doing it and then just do it no matter what! I have alarm in my phone ready for me every day so ill never miss it! Just do it!
Theresia M.
Make sure you announce your plans of morning exercise to your family, friends and colleagues. Decide specific time slot for exercise. Keep dim bedlamp on in night before sleeping. When got up look at bedlamp and think about how you will feel answering your family, friends and colleagues if they check about your exercise routine. You will certainly feel nice to answer 'yes' – I have done exercise today!
Jar S.
I woke up so not ready for it. I was so sleepy. And I did end up sleeping in for around 45 min which is a shame. But I got up eventhough I one, didn't want to, and two, was alreadylate into my schedule. I feel amazing now. I will one hundred percent continue exercising in the morning even on Saturdays, I think.
Emeline Z.
You build small now and gradually bigger in future once it becomes habit. I do 5 push ups and crunches which take less than a minute. Gradually increase once u feel it has become habit. To get out of bed easily, i usually aim before sleep to do something i enjoy straight after waking up e.g. I'm always looking forward to playing game. Always manage in short blocks of your day e.g. 50 minutes rrading books, 50 minute break, 50 minutes gaming. The trick is to ensure your reward:goal ratio is about 2:1. Ie for every 50 minute you spend exercising, u will get 50 minutes doing something you enjoy + 50 minutes free time. As you progress, u may feel that u enjoy exercising! And it then becomes a reward to you so you'll then change excercising into your reward list instead of goal.
Lillie T.
I’m an early riser : when I get up (thanks to Fabulous) I drink my water, walk the dog, eat breakfast, shower and get ready for work.
Riley T.
I found this 14-day course via DailyOM on Facebook, with bitesize (5min) video trainings that for one, focus on something I want to improve and b are led by a lovely lady that has an accent (I know it sounds weird, but…) I tend to listen to better. It took me forever to get myself to do anything at all, but this has been working (for the last couple of days).
Herwig F.
I used to have this problem in the mornings when I would want to go out for a run, but then I ditchrd that and did walking in the morning for like 3 months.

Same attire, pretty much same prep except no warmup.

This got me in the habit of just getting my shoes on and going outside

Now its a lot easier to get my shoes on and go outside for a run

So try this. Dont workout, or run or whatever it is you want to do, but get your gym clothes on and go for a walk or something

The walk is easy, not intimidating, and if you start out trying to go the whole mile and brutal workouts then yeah, its hard to do.

Once tou have that habit solidified it will be a lot easier to just go to the gym. Maybe light workouts for a month or two.

Not only will that help with the habits, buy it will help protect you from injury

If you workout real hard now, your muscles will get really strong real quick, but your tendons and ligaments wont have time to catch up.

So everything will be going just fine, and then BAM! All of a sudden you have a bad pain during or after a workout and it will take months to recover because your tendon or ligament is damaged

Thats what happened to me when I was lifting weights, and also running

Also, research proper form really well before you jump in.

Yes, for every workout no matter how obvious it seems (e.g. pushups)

Research how to prevent injury on everything you do

Good luck

Hildeberto A.
By just visualizing one fact that I have very limited amount of time on this planet earth. On each day tell yourself that this is last chnace you have got and all you want to do is you have finish in this one single day. Somehow your brain empowers you more than anything else and boost you with lots of energy. Our brain is stupid. We have to fake it to make it.
Maja A.
Getting out of bed is really hard for me. I’m exhausted when I wake up. I beg for naps during the day. It’s easier in the sunnyy months but I’m not sad or depressed during the fall/winter so it’s quite confusing. My motivation to exercise comes from remembering how good I feel after I’ve finished a good workout. I also look at pictures (mostly Instagram profiles or Pinterest) of how I’d like my body to look. And I’ll be honest…I LOVE DESSERT. I love to bake and cook but I know that I will gain all the weight if I don’t have a healthy balance that includes physical activity. Another motivator is me wanting to be here with my family…I can’t have my husband out looking for a young wife or step-mom for my kids because of me neglecting my body. He won’t be bringing no young thing up in my house!!! At the end of the day, you have to want to do it for yourself. I’m at the point now where I think about exercising all the time. I complain while doing it, I crack jokes, but I see how much stronger I am because I take time to do it…me time.
Norah S.
I think of how productive I will feel after. It’s never right when I get up, I at least have my water, coffee and breakfast first. Or, if it’s in the middle of the day, I know it will be a good energizer for me. All in all, I know that I can tell myself, no matter how the rest of my day I went, at least I worked out!
Janai Q.
I noticed this morning, I didn’t want to get out of bed even though I felt the best I did all week. I looked to my bedside and saw my cup of water. I then realized that that cup of water is the trigger and transition to start the day. I thought to myself Get up, Get out there and smash it. I thought that over and over. Once I drank that water there was no stopping my momentum. When I was eating my breakfast I noticed I placed my indoor work out shoes at my chair beside the dinner table. The second I noticed the shoes I put them on. Strategical placement of objects will seem like a gift and will trigger you to happiness. Get creative.
Amarildo A.
Instead of trying to motivate myself, I just stop myself from talking myself out of it! For instance, if I feel like I don’t want to put on my running shoes and I start trying to make a bunch of excuses to myself, I just get my body up and go over to the shoes instead of thinking it over and not going out. Or I realize it’s almost less trouble to floss my teeth than come up with a bunch of lazy reasons not to. Good luck!
Timeo Q.
The resistance I feel is ignore and I do it without thinking about it because I know it’s the right thing to do. It’s not always easy but I manage to make myself do it.
Oliveiros A.
Just remember that the hardest part is starting. After the workout look in the mirror and remind yourself why you wanted to work out in the first place.
Mila S.
I start morning routine when I wake up, I don’t have specific time for it, so I don’t have to struggle getting out of bed.
Cassandre Y.
First thing I do is change to gym clothes so I know I have to go for exercising just when I get up. I put on the same workout music. This primes me to workout.
Melvin U.
It’s hard, everyone knows that. I find discipline is key sometimes if I don’t have the motivation to get up myself. My main way to force myself into exercise is to notice that I’m looking for a sign to exercise. Once I realise that I am subconsciously looking for ways to exercise, or to avoid planned exercise “too cold etc”, that’s when I get up and go without thinking.
Oraldina C.
Re reading Fabulous quote “ Exercising is a must. It’s a keystone habit and everything else follows from it.” is a good start for me.

Then I think about my long term health – and the repercussions of NOT exercising (I have osteoporosis and am seeing my Mum suffer spinal compression fractures and reduced mobility). Exercise is my best defence against debilitating ill health.

I’ve started exercise regimes before (walk every morning – even just walk twice a week) and not stuck to them, so this time I’m trying to go easier on myself by giving myself options: a walk, or a bit of yoga (even just stretching) or a few free weight exercises.

Kai Uwe F.
Initially, I agreed with myself that a tiny bit of exercise would help wake me up and get me out of bed. I figured any small exercise would be easy and better than not doing any exercise at all. Then when I am doing the exercise, I find myself pushing myself just a little bit to do a little bit more. Whilst my groggy tired mind set low expectations – my more awake self just wanted to go above the expectations set. I actually do the exercise whilst lying in bed. When I'm feeling particularly energetic, I do the 1 minute exercise next to my bed.
Thibaut N.
I've had to set the mentality in my own head that if I can do it in less than 2 minutes do it now. Sometimes I dont want to go on a 20 minute run but I can do 5 push ups 15 seconds of jumping Jack's and running in place. Doing even this little bit is better than doing nothing.
Brittany U.
I use it as a break from working. I also walk with a buddy. It gives me time to catch up on things or if i am alone think through a work problem.
Suzy E.
It’s a good question. I’m beginning to see self care as a gift to myself instead of a burden. My mindset is also switching over to being grateful instead of dreading the task or the day, etc.
Antonietta U.
every day is what you make it. if you decide to have a good day, you're going to have a good day. get out of bed and make absolute sure of your good day. and if you decide to have a bad day? starting off bad, and with a bad attitude? it's going to be a bad day!