How I can push myself when I’m suffering with depression and anxieties and no support… ? Feel seriously lost.

Bernard Z.
i find it extremely hard to because i struggle a lot w severe depression and anxiety. honestly it’s hard but waiting it out and trying to do even the littlest things is better than nothing, working towards getting better. even if it’s a small step forward, it’s still a step. after my depression episodes start
Carl W.
Maybe pushing yourself is too much right now. Maybe what you need right now are wins, no matter how small. If the habit you're working on feels like it's a big push, can you make it smaller and smaller until it's something you know you can do? Exercise is always the one I get stuck on. Instead of 8 minutes, I committed to a 4 minute ab workout because it felt like something I could count on myself to do. When I'm suffering from depression and anxiety, I have to be gentle with myself and avoid taking on more stress and failures. But even the tiny wins can help. Even a few minutes of self care reminds me that I deserve to take care of myself. I'm so sorry you don't have support right now. I hope you have someone in your life you can reach out to. For me, calling the doctor and finally going to therapy was a huge win, but I needed support even to get there. It's hard to do it alone. <3
M Z.
Try to include more things that you enjoy on a daily base like for me music is just a way out or going out with friends maybe watch a comedy show these things will keep your mind off of stress and overthinking
Lene N.
You gotta rely on yourself. At the end of the day you’re the only person who can make yourself happy. Focus on yourself for a bit. Don’t rely on other people and their support. Set yourself little goals and achieve them but don’t tell anyone. You can do this.
Chinmayee P.
it is OK to feel depressed and anxiety with out support it is the part you experience stronger you. Think about your life purpose, think about what you want to do and stop expecting anything from People. be the person you want without any help that will bring you up in your life no matter what, depending on others will always hurt you. be close to your loved ones. I believe in you
Gan F.
I think, if it is too severe for you to handle, seeking help from a counsellor or psychiatric doctor will be a good choice. If not, you may try online community/self-help group. Circle of this apps is a good choice too.
Kathryn Q.
Take small steps, start with something simple like waking up, drinking some water and deep breathing for a minut. Then once your confident in doing that build on it.