How can I exercise without equipment?

Ruben Y.
Cardio workouts like jumping jacks and jogging can be done without any equipment. Also, strength exercises like squats and push ups can be done without anything; just your body and mind. These exercises are still very effective.
Irene T.
There a Tuns of exercises you can find evrywere with exercises without equipment. And they are really good it doesn't mean that when do don't have equipment you won't have progress what ever you do every day will bring you closer to you goal
Frederick Z.
Exercising with equipment is used to benefit you More then exercising without it. Doing push ups, sit ups, plank, lunges and high knees are few of the many exercises where you just need your body and a can do attitude.
Jasmine Q.
There are several things you can do without equipment like yoga, stretching or dancing. Use an app with short exercise routines.
Catherine F.
You can do any body weight exercises that you can think of. If you can’t think of any body weight exercises, you can do a plank, do push-ups, squats, lunges, crunches, or any other body weight exercises you can do.
Krzesimir B.
Try some mobile apps that help you to excersise without any equipment (for example "30 day fitness" – I use it myself), or go running or even for a walk – you don't need any equipment for that!
Christine Z.
YouTube has everything you need. There are so many channels with Zumba, Pilates, yoga, cardio and many more. They are real lessons and you can choose the duration you want. You can exercise for 3, 10 or 45 minutes. You choose.

I suggest the channels: "Yoga with Adrienne" which has monthly challenges and new videos all the time. This girl really makes me look forward to some yoga and "me time"!

And also"The body project" which is really great for cardio and it motivates you to forget about the why you're doing this and just "move your body and enjoy it"

Amadis N.
All you need for a good exercise routine are space, time, and a willing body. Equipment is a tool, not a requirement. Think back to gym class: pushups, situps, jumping jacks, running in place, etc. The idea is to get your body moving and using your body weight.
Catherine F.
You can do body weight exercises like for example push-ups. You can do wall push-ups or floor push-ups or an inclined push-ups by using something sturdy like a couch or a countertop and do push-ups that way. You can also do planks and crunches. Just do those exercises until you can’t do it anymore
Soli L.
Turn on a song that makes you naturally bop your head to the beat. Loud. Then let your whole body move to it. Shut the doors and curtains, and let your self feel silly and ridiculous. It's hardly dancing, just explore your body's range of motion. Flail your arms, jump, twist, reach in every direction, roll around on the floor if you want. If a movement or stretch feels good, do it again, explore that. If not, move else-wise. It's exhausting, and liberating. It is celebration 🙂