How do you start a new diet?

Adam P.
I don’t diet anymore. It exhausts me and always leads to binge eating and feeling disappointed in myself. Now, I live a whole food plant based life style that never causes me to gain weight or feel guilty. Hopefully I can work through my eating disorder and never binge eat again as well, and lose weight just because I’m active and giving my body what she needs
Sam Z.
The best way to start a new diet is with a good attitude and a clear plan. Then you need an accountability plan- celebrations, rituals, and rewards.
Amber P.
Define what your goal is. What do you want to achieve with this diet change? Do this as specific as possible. Secondly, don't see it as a diet but as a part of your plan, a step to accomplish your goal. Third don't start a diet that makes a huge change to what you are doing right now. Just start with making sure you are in a calorie deficit (that is not too big, you CAN NOT live off 500kcal per day) and go from there
Katherine O.
It's dificult in the beginning, but i think, we should drink some juices or eat Little snacks and then eat more vegetables.
Pamela W.
i usually don't even go on a diet. But first you need to motivate yourself. Imagine yourself in the shape you want to be when you finish with your diet. Imagine your goal body shape. Then you will be motivated enough to avoid types of food your diet wants you not to eat.
Avery E.
I don't really call it as new as I am living with it but since I installed the apps I feel motivated to do breakfast every single day! It's good when I manage to checked the tasks that I should do along the day.
Lucie O.
Focus on being healthy like choosing 1 slice of pizza instead of 2.. Don't beat yourself up.. Foxus on having more protein than carbs and for sugar fuel have some fruits.. Good luck!
Malou X.
HI! Starting a new diet is a daunting challenge that you can accomplish! Start by easing into it. If you are cutting back on sugar start by eating less junk food. Don’t try to go all out and completely cut out sugar. Instead make sure to also watch your intake of added sugar. I know it seems hard right now but trust me once you build up healthy habits nothing will stop you!! GOOD LUCK!!🥳🥳