What is your greatest obstacle to exercising regularly and how do you overcome it?

Frederikke W.
It’s not obligatory and that is why I can find excuses why I can do it later, next time or starting from Monday for sure. I overcome it through reminding myself that there is no more room for postponing exersising to
Emily O.
I receive IV medication every week and I don’t feel very well for a day or two after. It is difficult to get up and get dressed for a couple of days after. Instead of beating myself up about something that I cannot control I will modify my exercise to what I CAN DO. Even it is being upright and walking around inside the house. Our bodies are meant to be upright and moving. Lying in bed causes complications and is not good for mental health. Do what you can rather than nothing at all.
Felecia Y.
I have a tendency to work long hours, feel overworked, and then have difficulty motivating myself to the gym. I combat this by making sure I have at least 3 workout sessions with my friends each week, so I am accountable to someone else for showing up, I have someone to push me and keep me stretching my boundaries, and I can look forward to seeing someone I love, as well as looking forward to that powerful feeling when all of your muscles have been pushed to their limit.
Julian O.
Greatest obstacle is to have the motivation to do it. Sometimes I want to workout but I just don’t feel like it. Sometimes I plow it off because I think I’ll do it later but really later becomes never. I think the best way to beat it is to really think why I should workout and how important it is to do it.
Marion O.
I have an irregular work schedule. I also have a partner who prefers to exercise in the evening. My goal is to exercise as soon as possible each day. As long as I look for the earliest opportunity to exercise, I am less likely to be thwarted by things that come up in the evening. On the weekends, I do a lighter exercise in the morning so that I will definitely get that exercise in and will still have energy to do more later if my partner wants me to go to the gym with them,
Emily S.
If I can't do a full routine everyday the days I don't feel like it , I dance around while doing my choirs I do chair exercises at my desk or spend one of my 15 minute breaks walking or going up and down the stairs. So I at least feel I got some exercise in
Anna S.
Convincing myself that I don’t need to do much, just need to keep moving onward. Oh, and waking up early enough to hold time for it.
Carole P.
One of the obstacles I can face is time. Sometimes I would like to have a 30 minute workout session but not have the time. But I refuse to not exercise just because I don’t have the time that I would like. I’ll do whatever exercise I can. Even if it’s just the 7 minutes exercise. No matter what, if I’m supposed to exercise that day, I will.
Malou W.
My greatest obstacle is a cramped apartment and being tired after work, but I’ve cleared out a section for my yoga mat and after work I immediately change into my workout clothes so I do t five myself a chance about thinking otherwise, it’s hard and I’ve skipped my workout some days but I always regret it b/c it’s just harder to get back into it later, I’m finding that it’s easier just to get it over with b/c it’s something I have to do, just like I’ve got to go to work, it’s become a non-negotiatiable for me.
Luis F.
I tailor my workout routine around fun where exercise is a byproduct. And if I skip a day I make sure never to skip it twice – jump back on the horse. It also helps to keep in mind who you want to be as a result of having this habit in your life ie I want to be a healthy person, then build your habits around this instead of “I have to exercise”. Exercise is not a punishment, be grateful for what your body can do 🙂
Eden E.
It really is just about forming an habit. Once you take that first step, you can truly start making great decisions and stay fit.
Valeri J.
Feeling tired in the morning. Sometimes I overcome this by thinking about what unhealthy food I ate the previous day and about the how amazing I feel after my workout.
Eli C.
My greatest obstacle is keeping up the regime.
Go to bed on time and wake up for the ritual.
Sudden events affect me and more often than not kick me out of my schedule.
I keep my eyes on the goal, I remind myself the way I already made and with the support of my wife I keep going
Daisy T.
My greatest obstacle when trying to excersice is getting out of bed to do it. It was a struggle at first as I wasn’t used to waking up and following a routine but I got there eventually. I started setting an alarm that would wake me up in a light sleep so I would feel more awake (which helped a lot), I also moved my phone further away from me so I didn’t go on it and I replaced with a bottle of water. I find that it works for me and I’ve been doing it for 4 weeks now
Rene Y.
The biggest obstacle to me exercising is getting motivated. Or not even so much motivation but there’s a lot of steps involved in even just getting to a gym! And I tend to overthink things. So something simple like having good music on while and dancing while I’m getting ready for work achieved two purposes: I’m getting a bit of exercise and I’m having fun while I’m getting ready.
Anton W.
My greatest obstacle is just getting up and motivating myself to get out and about. I exercise in the morning which is really good and helps me through each day
Jacqueline F.
For me, it’s scheduling it. I have time, but as a grad student (in write-up phase) I have almost no external structure. When it was part of my morning routine, I could make that routine stretch for a couple hours because I kept procrastinating on the exercise part. Then, a chunk of my work day is gone before it starts. I’m not sure I’ve figured out how to overcome it, but I just started the exercise Journey, & I think putting it in a separate routine helps. I like running, but I don’t think I like doing it in the morning. However, i just went running this afternoon because I wanted to; I hadn’t planned to run at all today. I’m still in the first week though, so I’ll see if that continues.
Tobias W.
Physical Stamina is my greatest obstacles. I feel tired after some time. But I feel it's all mind game. My brain is thinking that my body is tired. So I feel same.
But I have noticed that if I play some interesting game rather only the routine exercise I can do that an hour long at a stretch. Also doing with someone is fun. Setting shorter goal and achieving them will boost your confidence. And then increase slowly. In that way u can achieve bigger goal in short time.
Lydia W.
Finding the time and energy… I remind myself that if I don’t workout. I’ll have even less energy to get other stuff done, and even when I don’t have time I remind myself that I’d rather be the best version of me and only get 1/2 as much done than to under deliver on everything that I do because my mind was not in a peak state.
Selma U.
My biggest obstacle is making the time to go work out and wanting to go do it. I overcame this by integrating my exercise into my day. I walk twenty minutes to get to work and ten minutes to get to the train so to come home. Because it's part of my day getting to and from work it's so easy to do. Add I really look forward to it.
Gabrielle T.
My biggest obstacle has always been being able to wake up at the time I designated to workout. Recently I discovered that decaf green tea before bed helps my quality of sleep and wake up feeling like working out and taking on the day. I don’t drink green tea, but I take L-Theanine capsules before bed, which is essentially grounded up decaf green tea. Since then, I have no trouble waking up.
Kate C.
You know how Nike says it…Just do it. Not tomorrow, not one day. In this moment. And enjoy it. It can be something easy at first. And it does not have to be perfect.
Niara Q.
Well, You have to plan it and then execute on it. If you feel tired or you fell that you are not in a mood of doing it, then go through the motion. At least you will feel good knowing that you did it. Hope this help.
Filippa Z.
Feeling tired and my lack of flexibility makes it hard to exercise. Also having time to work out. Hard to schedule it in morning. And if it’s too hot out it makes me not want to exercise.

How I can over come it? Is to tell myself it will get easier as I loose weight and if I keep it up I will be able to do more and more. I also modify exercises and choose time frames that I’m able to accomplish and see positive results that keeps me motivated. Also using this fabulous app keeps me accountable and helps me to complete exercise.

Alfred U.
My greatest obstacle is to be distracted and lose my time until bed time then i remember that I have to exercise so I focus on doing my routine in the same time every day and prepare myself for it by recharging my iPad, have a look on my sports clothes and have a look at my yoga mat.
Rapha L U.
When I think about exercising while I'm in the middle of doing nothing, I go ahead and do something simple like do pushups or crunches to go ahead and get my exercising out of the way. I'm also trying to do the small things now so later it'll be nothing to go to a gym and boss up on a circuit or a body part that day.
Brooklyn F.
Going to bed early enough consistently enough would top my list of reasons for missing workouts.

A close second would be pain or soreness. This may be arthritis.

I have not developed a solid habit of going to bed at a reasonable time. So I have not solved my issue.


Valdemar W.
Energy. If you put a value on sleep or say you’re too tired in the evenings then you have to overcome an energy deficit. If it’s the mornings, imagine a morning where you have to catch a plane, it’s easy to get up and go, right? Well imagine you have to catch a plane to exercise. Just get the right mindset. At night, imagine you have a birthday party of your best friend to get to, you’re filled with energy. Turn evening workouts into a party. It’s about mindset when you’re overcoming energy.
Donald X.
Routine help you exercise and letting people know what your up to, because they will ask you about it. However it is difficult to balance sleep, going out with friends and exercise. Which is the main obstacle it is to fine the balance.
Derek Q.
I tend to be a homebody that just wants to relax when I’m home. I exercise in short bursts so it doesn’t feel like a burden. I keep it to 20 minutes or less.
Alo S O.
Honestly it's easy for me as I walk to work so it's done before I know it. At work I have access to a pool and running track so it's too easy. On weekends I walk into town to do the shopping and scuba dive