What does starting small mean to you?

Taylor P.
Even doing the bare minimum to accomplish your goals is better than doing nothing. Moving forward in any way is still moving forward.
G K E L.
even you can thing like cheating when I decided go to gym I decided I am gonna go there everyday even I just take a dumbel and put it back without workout it would be count but I am gonna go to grm everdat it is my small goal no great olans or anything offcourse when you go there
Lillian D.
Starting small to me means i rather take 5 little steps rather then 1 giant one. It means preparing myself for the bigger challenges that lay before me and achieving it. Without cheating myself, but being dedicated to my goals. Starting small & slowly increasing it so I know to dedicate myself for a Better ME
Hans Rudolf Q.
Means start with not doing much, but must do!
If the ideal is to practice for 30min in the morning, 7 min for the start are perfect!!!