What keeps you motivated when you don’t feel well in the morning or just feel lazy?

Miss N.
Usually I let my breakfast be my motivation. If I struggle to want to get up and move around, I usually don’t eat until I exercise. Another thing I like to do is plan an exercise session that is fun. I don’t do anything too strenuous because if it’s too hard or too long I will most likely not do it. I like to dance in the morning as it is fun and I actually look forward to it. I hope this helps!
Imsha G.
That I am able to wake up in my own bedroom where I have personal space and comfort, where I am privileged enough to live in a house that is safe from harm and abuse. But also that being lazy has NO benefits, you lose the precious time that you can never get back.
Chelsea E.
The thought that everyday especially when I feel lazy is a day if I stick to my workouts I'll get stronger. If you don't feel well try doing an easier workout or just take the day off resting isn't always bad.
Manuel C.
The joy I would feel when I check my morning journey on Fabulous. Also, I start my day watching motivational Youtube videos that always gives me motivation to take care of myself. Lastly, the feeling of laziness in itself gives me motivation to change my current status.
G X.
I think of how far I’ve come, even if I just started a new habit. If I still feel like that, I try to do something I enjoy that might motivate me, listen to song that makes me happy or want to dance or sing to it, go for a walk for 1 min and by the time I’m done I feel different. The hard part is to get started, do a small thing, small effort so you don’t lose your momentum or streak! You’ll feel great and proud of yourself after doing it and will only motivate you more!