What type of exercise do you do in the morning?

Lesa O.
I try to stretch in the morning while I’m taking clases. I would start stretching while I’m sitting and then I would go to the ground and continue. I at least have to do it for 3 minutes
Courtney F.
Lately, I've been spending time lifting in the basement! We do not have a full setup but between what we do have and my own body, there's plenty to keep me active and hit all major muscle groups. On days that I want to take it easier and recover, I do very slow yoga, and I incorporate runs in whenever I feel that I want to, which has been less and less often lately.
Trish Y.
Chloe Ting workouts in YouTube. It really helps me esp in the comment section where their situation is same as mine. It also motivates me to continue and never give up🌊✨
Austin C.
I follow the 9 mins exercise on the Fabulous app. If you want some more burn and to lose more calories, add the 4 mins ab workout. Wish you well in your exercise regime.
Terry U.
I usually try to do a different workout everyday but I will most likely do lower body. I hope this answered your question.
Khadija Q.
I'm following a full body programme,each day is dedicated to a part of the body. The average time I spend exercising is 40 minutes at least. I start to add weight and looking for building muscles to improve my shape and posture.
Robert E.
When I'm still in bed I do 15 push-ups, 20 crunches and then sets of 3/5 squats while I prepare myself for the day(getting dressed, making food)
Sawyer O.
You could use the ones on your app or find one online that suits you or create your own routine you also could download a app that has different workouts
Lala N.
Its very hard for me to be honest. I have only just started. I think the morning is the easiest time of day to make way for smthg new like a workout habit. But its tough because waking up early when you dont sleep enough is hard. So ill do my best and I hope that the motivation of conquering my inner demons and getting strong again will keep me going as often as possible even if its not every single morning. Hope this helps 🙂
Charlotte F.
I do a 30 minute workout in the morning beacause I believe it gets me started and up and ready for the day that lies ahead
Gavin E.
since i have very little time before school starts, i get up and the first thing i do is meditate and stretch. a simple 5 minute meditation and 8 yoga stretches are enough to begin my day with movement in both my mind and body.
Kesey Q.
I like to change things up. If I’m short on time in the mornings I like the have a dance session while I get ready. If I have time I try yoga and stretching. I’ve even found ways to stretch at my desk if need be.
Perry J.
I did a booty workout! It makes me so happy to know I’m strengthening myself and bettering myself. Working out is so fulfilling.
Niklas E.
I set a plan the night vefore,but I have a few options since the feeling in the morning can work against you.
High motivatition: walk and then run
Medium: walk
Low: dumbell streanghth
Low: pushups and swuats
Very low: yoga stretch
Aurora N.
I’m not a fan of intense workouts in the morning ,so I prefer to do yoga ; it’s quick (10 minutes) I don’t get sweaty and I overly feel refreshed ,calm and ready to start my day .
Now if you truly need to wake yourself up , how about going for a short run or even a walk. If a gym is available how about giving it a try ? If you prefer to stay at home they are some high intensity workouts ( on YouTube) that will make you break a sweat !
Do what works for you ; what fits in you day to day activities so that it’ll be easier to do it consistently.
Evie N.
I’m currently attempting to do the madfit beginners 15 min non stop workout every morning for a week. (You can find it on YouTube.) it’s quite hard for beginners but extremely rewarding
Ay E N.
I generally do abs workouts of chloe ting and pamela reif from youtube. Besides, i am learning belly dance. Sometimes i use its online tutorials as a workout
Olivia U.
I love yoga, it makes me feel fresh and renewed, ready to start the day. Every morning I try to practice at least 8 minutes. It has improved my overall mood, because I feel accomplished. It has also increased my strength and improved my overall athletic performance. I recommend you give it a try!
Weirdo C.
I usually like doing something light. Something like stretches or a quick walk. Just a little something to wake up my body